Thursday, June 10, 2010

Third Time's the Charm for Hossa - Blackhawks Win Cup!

No, I'm not bitter and I had to get over the Hossa issue pretty quickly so that I didn't have to cheer on the Filthidelphia Flyers (I'll "forgive," but I won't forget ... ever!).

I'm happy for the Blackhawks, I'm happy for Hossa ... end of story; now lets move on (I'm ready for some Penguins hockey!)!!!

I didn't watch much of the final games ... some here and there (I LOVE hockey, but my heart just wasn't in it ... and my "heart" is the Pens!).  I was lucky enough to see Kane score the winning goal in overtime last night and how the celebration was unceremonious for a few minutes before everyone else (aside from Kane and Leighton) realized the puck was in the net.  I'm not a big fan of Kane, but you gotta admit, the kid is good and that was pretty sweet!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (THANKS for beating the Flyers and, as a friend so eloquently put it, wiping the smug look off of Pronger's face!)!!



lizagirl84 said...

yes smug look for sure but oh gosh just hit me now girls when i would watch the press confrences with pronger i cant put my finger on it but i found him strangely attractive i know ahh right oh well ill get over it but those broad shoulders stop it stop it get a hold of yourself hes a flyer

EHisCDN said...

I'm so happy that the Hawks won the cup. I actually predicted that they would go to the finals before the playoffs started (granted I also wanted the Pens to be in the finals...)
I'm really happy for Hossa, despite being a Pens fan I don't hold a grudge against him and I'm was hoping he would win. I mean this is a team sport and I can't root against my second favourite team just because one guy plays for them like some people were doing. On the other hand I hate the Flyers as a whole so yea...

Isn't hockey great! But what to do until October?

aBurghGirl said...

No more smug Pronger. it's okay, he'll have all summer to work on it.