Thursday, June 24, 2010

Totally Missed the Entire NHL Awards Show!!

I did ... and it's not because I forgot, it's because my power went out RIGHT BEFORE the show started and it didn't come back on until they announced / presented the Hart trophy ... talk about SUCKING ASS (not only did I miss the awards that I was so looking forward to, but I got to see Sid NOT get the Hart trophy!)!!

From what I've heard / read, I didn't really miss much (and I did have my AWESOME FRIEND, Maureen, text my cell with all the winners) and the best part of the whole show according to ALOT of fans was the Getzlaf / Ryan medal skit, so I had to look that up when I got back on my computer ... I have to agree that it was probably the best part.  I think they did a really great job with it and I would love to see more players involved like that ... seeing them in that light is always FUN!!

Sid didn't go home empty-handed at the Awards last night, per se, even though he didn't win any of the [NHL] ones he's was officially nominated for.  He did earn the Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy tying with Steven Stamkos for most goals scored this season (a total of 51) as well as the Mark Messier Leadership Award.

We all know Sid was ROBBED last night (well his FANS know he was robbed last night!)!!  I have no problem with Henrik Sedin receiving the Hart (thats not my gripe - I don't watch him enough to argue the point between he and Sid); however, Sid's votes amounted to a third-place finish BEHIND OVI?!!  IDK ... I smell some bullshit here ... let me see ... what spectacular achievements did OVI have this season (aside from his not getting past the first round AGAIN because that doesn't count since votes are submitted prior to the post-season)???  I guess its pretty incredible that his team finished first in the Eastern Conference, but I really don't think that should count either because that's a TEAM effort so anything else OVI achieved on his own merit this season??  I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything (but I'm sure the Caps fans will remind me here soon enough!)!!

And what did Sid do?  Well, as always, he worked on his weaknesses and got better at them.  For instance, he was the co-recipient of the Rocket Richard trophy (along with Steven Stamkos) because his goal was to shoot more and be a better goal-scorer ... he achieved that goal with flying colors!  In that sense, he even beat out OVI at what OVI is best at ... scoring!!   In fact, every season Sid achieves all the goals he's ever set out to accomplish and if that doesn't take "Hart" then I don't know what does!!!! 

So my question is ... HOW THE HELL DOES OVI CONTINUE TO BEAT SID OUT OF EVERYTHING IN THIS LEAGUE???!!!!!!!!!  I just don't and won't understand it and it will continue to puzzle me forever (just another one of those Lemieux / Gretzy debates even though I truly believe that this debate is a little more obvious!)!!

So keep doing what you're doing, Sid, because I will always believe (and so will all of Pittsburgh Penguins nation) that you are the better player!!  Until OVI proves to me otherwise by being something other than a one-dimensional player, I will always believe that which earns Sid the "Hearts" of fans everywhere!!! ; )

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