Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sid Schmoozin' with the Stars in Las Vegas!!

First, Snoop Dogg who will be performing at the Awards posts a pic with him last night on Twitter (right) with the following caption ...

“Sidney Crosby #87 from Pittsburgh Penguins and Captain of Team Canada what ya know about gold medals”
Next up, Crosby with comedian Jamie Kennedy (below) ... watch you don't become the target of his next prank, Sid!!


Lehnanne G. Kidd said...

Sid and Snoop made me giggle .. just too cute.

Stephanie said...

I KNOW ... "odd" couple, but cute!!! Its awesome that Snoop loves hockey and the story is that he paid homage to the "greats" on his jersey ... Lemieux, Sid, Gretzky and one other, I think ... if I can get a pic, I'll post it!!

; )