Monday, June 21, 2010

Talks with Gonchar Back On

[LATE EDIT] Rossi also mentioned not to expect talks with Cooke, Guerin, and Eaton to take place until things with Gonchar have been hashed out.
According to Rob Rossi this past weekend, Shero and Gonchar's agent began contract talks again this Saturday and they are expected to continue today.

Specifics of the negotiations are not known. The respective policies of Shero and Barry are not to divulge details of contract negotiations, and each declined comment.
I believe that Gonchar is interested in a multi-year deal and my guess is that this will be the "sticking point" as Shero does not usually give more than two years per contract to players other than the "core."  Gonchar's age will definitely be a factor in negotiations as well as the Pens organization is no doubt looking to grooming a young team for long-term success.

Honestly, at the end of the season I was more for Gonchar staying; however, eventually he would have to go and soon Letang and Goligoski will have to take more responsibility for the Pen's blue line just as Gonchar had ... I don't believe either of them will do that with the grace and poise Gonchar has because that's just his talent although I'm positive that those two young d-men will be able to take on that task successfully in the near future.  I will hate to see Gonchar go, but to keep the team successful and poised for the future, there may not be any other choice.


Val said...

As much as it pains me, because it is Gonch, I do agree with your last paragraph. I would hate to see him leave, but with Orpik, Letang, and Gogolioski, it might not be a bad thing...I am conflicted, lol!

Stephanie said...

I'm definitely conflicted too, Val (I think most Pens fans are)!! This may just be a case where we trust Shero and adjust to the changes coming!! ; )