Friday, May 14, 2010

World Hockey Championships - Crosby OUT, Malkin & Gonchar IN

According to a few news sources, a few hours after the Penguins' season ended with a loss to the Canadiens on Wednesday evening, Crosby was invited to be a replacement for Team Canada in the world hockey championships being held in Germany.

Crosby was to replace Ryan Smyth who suffered an ankle injury, but declined the invitation.

It's also been reported that both Malkin and Gonchar will participate for Russia in the world hockey championships, but nothing confirming this has officially been released (at this point, it's still a rumor).

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EHisCDN said...

Aww I really was hoping he would play. I guess it's good though for him to rest up for next season. I mean they've gone to the playoffs for four years straight now and with the Olympics that's a lot of hockey with very little recovery time.