Friday, May 28, 2010

2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field Now a Reality (Almost)

Even though Pittsburgh and Washington news sources have been making the announcement all day yesterday, NHL Commissioner Gary Beckman is expected to make it official later today with the announcement that the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field against the Washington Capitals on New Year's Day.  Bettman will be in Chicago for his annual state of the league address scheduled for 2:00 PM.
"It'll be a winter celebration for the region," Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato said of a New Year's Day outdoor game between the Penguins and Washington Capitals at Heinz Field.
Although this will be the fourth Winter Classic, it will be the first played in a football stadium.  Heinz Field seats more than 66,000 and Pittsburgh officials "are optimistic" that a majority of that seating will be available for this event.

Ticket information along with an unveiling of the Pittsburgh's Winter Classic logo are expected sometime in late June during a press conference.

According to (reported in the same article in the Washington Post), it will also be announced that a second outdoor game between the Flames and Canadiens (played in Calgary) tentatively scheduled for February.


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EHisCDN said...

This is so cliche. I think that the league is kind of selling out, I mean the classic was supposed to be sentimental, going back to hockey's roots. Now it's just another way for the league to be making money.
I still want to get tickets though...