Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Team to Be PROUD Of!!!

When you fall down on the journey up the mountain, the disappointment of not making it to the top makes it difficult to appreciate just how far you have gotten.
Penguins Webpage (05/12/2010)

THANKS for a great season, boys, and for all the Mellon memories!!  We'll get 'em next year!!!


snailpaw said...

Am I really going to admit that picture brought tears to my eyes? Yes, I am. Thanks for the great year, boys! <3

CrackerLilo said...

Absolutely. The Penguins had some issues and a few things could have been done differently, but nobody can realistically expect a team to make it to the Finals year after year, let alone a Cup. If I were to throw this team aside after all the fun and friendships and excitement I've gotten from them, I'd be one ungrateful woman indeed. Next fall...

@ snailpaw: Happened to me, too!

Stephanie said...

@snailpaw - I KNOW ... when they showed it on TV, my heart just broke!! They're such an AWESOME TEAM!!!

@CrackerLilo - I agree completely with your comments (I usually do!)!! Definitely, next fall!! ; )