Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Penguins Karaoke Their Playoff Blues Away

Last Friday, the Penguins players blew off a little steam at Excuses Bar & Grill in Southside ... it turned out to be an amazing night for everyone lucky enough to be at the bar.

Excuses Bar & Grill "Sometimes, I go to work. And, I have a person crab at me because I have the audacity to put a lemon. In their lemonade. And. Sometimes, I go to work and get to see Sidney Crosby sing Karaoke and not need his bodyguard, because we let him be a kid. A very polite and cool kid, at that. Or Jordan Staal, Brook Orpik,... Chris Kunitz, Max Talbot and Billy "Freakin'" Guerin. Okay...the whole team."
Pittsburgh Frank "Craig Adams was singing lead & Sid did back up on 'Don't Stop Believing'. Mike Rupp sang 'The Gambler'. And it may have been Adams again on 'Sweet Caroline'. Can't quite remember. But, I do remember the crowd chanting 'Let's Go Pens' during the Bah Bah Baah part of the chorus. Bless the Pens effort on the mike but they should stick with thier day jobs."

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