Sunday, September 12, 2010

Talbot Supports Local Pittsburgh Artist

If you watched anything or browsed through some of the pics on the Pens delivering tickets to STH this past Friday then I'M PRETTY SURE you caught Max Talbot sporting those loud shoes (how could you miss them?!)!!  They were quite the talk of twitter!!

They're very "Max Talbot" (this is a guy who can pull off bright, large, checker-patterned shirts) and for as many negative responses there were for them there were just as many cool responses.  If you couldn't make out what they were (separately they did appear to be just brightly colored shoes; however) together they made the face of a tree frog and were created by a local Pittsburgh artist ... if you think about it, Talbot made a pretty good PR move for the artist!
If you guys are asking what are these shoes, they'll be available on Brush footwear in about 2 weeks. Local artist from Pitt. Keep u posted!
I did google "Brush footwear," but the site isn't up and running yet ("coming soon").  But I'll keep you posted!!! ; )


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