Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Good Turn Deserves Another ... Bill Guerin Skates with Philly

OK ... I'm getting a little paranoid.  It's seriously like a Penguins Armageddon around here lately.

First we sign Arron Asham and now THIS (for those Pens fans who have weak stomachs, you may want to avoid viewing the picture below altogether!)!!!

Photo courtesy of Flyer Files
WTF is going on??!!!!!

Granted, all the news articles are saying that Guerin is just SKATING with the Flyers and there's no real plans for anything more, but this ... THIS IS JUST - OMG, I just don't know how much more of this orange shit I can take!  Billy G has always been a funny guy, but wearing that shirt ... I don't see the humor there, man!

But the latest on this situation according to Flyer Files is that Guerin simply wants to keep himself in shape for any offers that may come his way.  He told Flyer Files:

“I was down in the area visiting my father-in-law who lives in Medford. I was going to be in the area anyway and I wanted to get on the ice. My agent talked to Paul (Holmgren) about possibly having me come here and skate around with the guys. It was nice. It was good to finally get back on the ice and skate.”

“Right now, honestly, it is just about getting back on the ice. I’m just getting myself in shape, skating shape, to be ready just in case anything happens somewhere. I am definitely looking to play this year.”
Paul Holmgren, the Flyers GM, also told Flyer Files:

“Bill’s wife is from around here (Medford) and his agent (Bob Murray) called to see if it was OK for him to skate here a few days and I told him he could. But don’t read anything into it. We’re happy with our team.”
Regardless, this is hockey and the bottom line is hockey is a BUSINESS and some of the time it's not pretty and these are just one of those times (fortunately, for now, it's an "ugly lie" and not the "ugly TRUTH!")!!

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