Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PIC: Inaugural Season Patch


I had mentioned this in my earlier post today.  Here's a picture of the patch my husband picked up at the CONSOL last month when we went to visit.

I had wondered if it was going to be on the players jerseys this season and although nothing has been confirmed, it looks like its a pretty likely possibility according to a picture of saw of Malkin today (below).  Since it's looking likely that this patch will be worn this season, I'm slightly disappointed that they didn't have one for the final season at the Igloo!

Although it's hard to make out, it appears to be the same patch (and why would they be selling them?).  Until something is announced or we can actually see it while they're on the ice, it's still unofficial.


Anonymous said...

from the pens twitter:
Check out the CONSOL Energy Center Inaugural Season patch that the #Pens will wear this season - http://bit.ly/bh7wQd

gilld22 said...

Can you let me know if anyone is selling them that ship to the UK??

Ta very much!