Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview with Mike Comrie

Yesterday Mike Comrie was on 105.9 The X with Mark Madden.

(NOTE: there's Steelers talk at the beginning and the interview doesn't actually start until about the 2-minute mark)

It's a pretty interesting interview.  I'm impressed with how Comrie diverts the attention back to hockey when Madden starts out by mentioning his recent marriage to Hilary Duff, "... it's back to business now and on to Pittsburgh ..."  There's no better way h

They talk about his role in Pittsburgh (filling a position based on chemistry) and that he's played center but most recently, wing.  Also touch on other things such as:
  • Edmonton's losing season as well as his illness (mono) last year
  • possibly playing wing alongside Crosby and what that would mean
  • his excitement for being in Pittsburgh and the fans welcoming him
 To get a really great background story on Comrie, CLICK HERE to visit Globe and Mail and read "Beauty and the brick."

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