Friday, September 10, 2010

UPDATE: Special Deliveries for Lucky Pens Fans TODAY

The Penguins webpage finally posted some information about today's deliveries!!  Players involved in the delivering tickets to over 30 houses were Sid, Fleury, Talbot, Letang, Kunitz, Dupuis, Rupp, Adams, Godard, and Johnson.

“It’s such a great way for our players to reach out to our season ticket holders, who are the backbone of this franchise,” said David Morehouse, CEO of the Penguins. “We’re fortunate to have so many guys who enjoy interacting with our fans in this unique way.”
This morning on KISS 96.1's "Freak Show," they mentioned that the Penguins would be involved in their annual task of delivering tickets to a few lucky season-ticket holders today (nothing official on either site, but wanted to mention what I heard).

Check back for more on this as I come across it!!

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