Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Season Campaign and Inaugural Season Patch

If you weren't paying attention, you may have missed the Pens webpage posting what I believe to be the new campaign for this season (incorporating the inaugural season at the CONSOL Energy Center). 

The tricky thing about it is that there's no explanation of it ... just the graphics and information about the schedule, tickets, and MAINLY the home opener on October 7th against the Philadelphia Flyers.  The only common theme are the graph-type pattern over the player pictures which resembles the outside [window-portion] of the CONSOL as well as the word "here" which, I'm assuming, ties this all to the CONSOL which would make sense since its the inaugural season and they'd probably want to focus on that.

Also, it hasn't been made official yet; however, I believe that the Penguins will be sporting a CONSOL Energy Center "Inaugural Season" patch on their jerseys.  My husband had purchased one of the patches at the Pens store and I've been wondering ever since if it would be something that would be worn on their jerseys.  Although very unofficial, a picture of Malkin floating around twitter today gives a glimpse of the likely possibility that they will wear the patches - notice it above his number on his right shoulder (OH ... and check out that slick racing stripe in the side of Malkin's hair - bringing the 1990's back!).

NOTE: because you can't make out the patch all that well, I will take a picture of the one we purchased a month ago so you can see what it looks like (so check back!)!!

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