Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lemieux and Crosby Skate at Consol!

Well, with the opening of the Consol Energy Center quickly approaching and recent news of the ice being installed there's been buzz around the internet as to who would be the first to skate on the pristine surface of the Pens new home.

What more perfect christening of the new ice at CEC than to have both Crosby and Lemieux skate on it together -- TOO SWEET!!!  And just look at them ... they both look happier than pigs in ... dirt   ; P What a seriously awesome sight!
Lemieux and Crosby hit the ice at 2 p.m. wearing Penguins warmups. The two skated a few laps, passed a couple of pucks back and forth and took several shots on goal during their session.
I really don't want to wish away my summer, but the more talk of the CEC, the more I can't wait for October to get here!!!


lizagirl84 said...

love love love this i cant tell you how much how great is this to watch that video of these it gives me chills and reminds me of crosby first season...oh memories

CrackerLilo said...

They look much happier doing this than they did at the press conference. Wonderful!