Thursday, July 8, 2010

HOT Diggity-Dog!!!

Since all of you were kind enough to post and send me and my family your well-wishes (for our doggie, Sabrina), I figured that its only right to take the time to thank all of you ... your thoughts and prayers helped get us through and we'll be traveling to bring Sabrina home sometime today!!

Her surgery went well and she's doing fine (the vet was able to remove a large and smaller mass on her liver that were pushing into her stomach making it hard for her to eat) ... we're just waiting for the official call this morning so that we know when to be on our way to bring our baby home!!! : )

Again, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for all the prayers kind words you've expressed that have carried us through this rough time ... its meant the world to all of us!!

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EHisCDN said...

I'm glad to hear she is doing well and I hope she has a safe and easy recovery.