Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just One of Those Things

Once again, something unexpected has come up which takes me from the blog.  My husband and I have been struggling with the "illness" of one of our dogs.  I put "illness" in quotations because she hasn't been acting sick at all, but since April she's lost close to 20 pounds and one day last week we discovered that she has a large growth on / near / around her liver.

Struggling comes in the form of multiple visits to the vet last week (including a second opinion) to ultimately lead us to Pittsburgh today.  We had a scheduled appointment today, but didn't do much other than talk to one of the surgeons there. We were to have an ultrasound done, but the doctors who do those were gone for the day so we had no choice but to leave her there over night and make the trip back home without her.

Luckily this hasn't been long and drawn-out; however, its about all we can handle for right now and we won't be able to breathe until we hear from the doctor tomorrow after the ultrasound and, ultimately, after the probable surgery.  We've been hoping for the best, but expecting the worst although the surgeon we spoke to today has been the most optimistic out of everyone and until we get the call and make the trip to pick her up, we'll be missing and sad for our little Sabrina (along with her sister and brother - Sadie and Benji)!!

So now you guys now when I haven't been posting must last and this week.  I apologize, but sometimes things take precedence and this is one of those times ... I will be back up to speed hopefully sooner rather than later!!


Pete Habuda said...

So sorry for what you're going through. I've been there...my hart goes out to you and you pooch.

EHisCDN said...

I hope Sabrina feels better soon, she is definitely more important then a couple blog posts.