Friday, July 29, 2011

Talbot's Most Recent Blog Post - Leaving Pittsburgh to Join Philadelphia

A new reader pointed out that Talbot has a new blog post and I was interested to see what he had to say (post-Philly signing).

It's pretty interesting and he actually thinks that (I'm interpreting the rough interpretation of Google Translate from french) he believes Pens fans are more upset with the Jaromir Jagr signing than his.  That's actually pretty close to the point I was trying to make: the news was announced on the same day almost around the same time, so fans didn't have a chance to process the news of Jagr's signing with Philly and so the anger carried over into Talbot signing with the Flyers (even thought I'm CERTAIN we all still would be upset, but just not as upset!).
But in all honesty, I think it's Jaromir Jagr has been the most criticized in the newspapers in Pittsburgh because he did not join the Penguins.
He also gives good insight into his own feelings the day he signed with Philadelphia (somewhat similar to what alot of fans felt as well, I'm guessing).  And he makes a great point by saying that nothing will change the fact that he gave his all for Pittsburgh.  I think it actually brings a little closure to hear his side.
I remember going to bed at night by imagining the other wearing a uniform. Given all the wonderful moments that I experienced in the uniform of the Penguins, I found it difficult.  I spent six seasons with the Penguins, I gave my heart to this team and it is with her that I won the Stanley Cup. When I look back on my six years in Pittsburgh, I see only positives.
Let's see what the reaction of the supporters of the Penguins during the first visiting Flyers in Pittsburgh on Dec. 29.  I do not know how I will be welcomed, but no one who can remove all the energy I gave everything and we have achieved as a team.  Find me on the side opposite to Pittsburgh, it will be strange.  And playing against my former teammates as well, but it will happen what happens.  I'm not going to do with this issue in July.
One other thing I thought was interesting was the fact that, after all the talk about how he would be interested in going to Montreal (since its closest to where he lives), that they never contacted his agent with interest.

And just as Talbot says, we'll definitely see on December 29th when Philly comes to town!!  It's definitely worth a read.  It might even make some of you feel better - LOL!


My only hope is that he doesn't do something like this to Pittsburgh while wearing orange and black!!


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