Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malkin Can Lift Some Serious Weight!

He's strong, like bull!  The Penguins webpage just posted thier 5th installment of the Malkin videos.

This time he's using weights.  And here's a little something I quickly researched after taking notice of a few things:

If you notice (see pic below), the orange weight is 25 kg (USA) and 25 kilograms = 55.1155655 pounds.  I cannot make out what the black weight is, but I think I can make out a "0" ("zero") and I do think I see "USA" and since it appears smaller than the orange one let's just say for argument's sake it's 10 kg.  And 10 kilograms = 22.0462262 pounds.

So that would mean that Malkin is working with A WHOPPING TOTAL OF ABOUT 154.34 POUNDS OF WEIGHT!!!!

But wait ... I think I may have forgot to include the weight of the bar (I do know a little something about lifting weights from my husband, but don't let that fool you - neither one of us are dedicated to working out!)!  I checked on this before adding it to the post and it said that you DO include the weight of the bar and that the weight of the average bar is 45 pounds, so ...

THAT WOULD BE NEARLY 200 POUNDS RIGHT THERE!!! So now I'm even more impressed!!!

I guess I could, in fact, be displaying my ignorance right now, but to me, that's alot of weight!!!  And here's another thing to think about, right now he's listed as 195 pounds on the Penguins webpage so that would mean he's working with almost 80% nearly100% of his body weight ... still sounds like a lot to me, but then again walking is the only form of exercise / activity this lady does right here!!!  PLUS, he is an athlete so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised (or impressed?), but I AM!!!!

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