Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crosby Looking Good on the Ice (VIDEO)

I think alot of us have been anxious to hear that Sid's back on the ice once again.  That news was reported a little over a week ago.

But how about some video?  Would you like to SEE Sid in action (as recent as LAST WEEK!)?  Well, THANKS TO CullensVids1, we can!!  Below is video of Sid at what appears to be (one of four NHL-size rinks at) the BMO Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I tried contacting the individual who posted the video on YouTube (CullensVids1) to get a little more information, but he hadn't responded to me by the time I uploaded this (let's hope I can post an update!).

From what I gather from comments posted and his answers on the YouTube channel, this video was taken last week and, no, the goalie is not Sid's sister, Taylor.

Isn't it great to see this??  And it's Sid ... I mean, look at him go!!  I'm hoping this is a good sign for his return come season's open - it looks like the rust has already wore off if there ever was any.

Is it October yet (I'm certain no one is asking that more than Sid!)?!!


Laeioura said...

What an awesome "welcome home from vacation" present! Thanks!!!!

Stephanie said...

FOR SURE ... (not as awesome as Sid skating, but) WELCOME HOME!!! I was wondering where you've been!! : )