Friday, July 1, 2011

A PREVIEW of the Pens Webpage Welcoming Jagr Home?

Could this be a look at what's to come at 12 noon today (even though Rob Rossi can / has logically explained what this is with a single sentence tucked deep in one of his articles last night)?

In anticipation of a Jagr signing, the Penguins have constructed web pages with tributes to his career, complete with video montages and Jagr-related items.

YOU CAN NO LONGER VIEW THIS FOR YOURSELF AT THE OFFICIAL PENS WEBPAGE AS IT'S BEEN UPDATED (to omit "signs with the Penguins"). But I promise the above screen-cap is legit because I did it myself late last night when I posted my last entry).  Again, I must stress that this still does not confirm anything as it can be explained with the information reported by Rob Rossi (above the graphic).

We can only be so lucky that the above graphic becomes reality so the Pens webpage can again grant us access to what they designed for Jagr's return, perhaps at 12 noon today, and to celebrate one of greatest returns in Penguins history since "La Magnifique"  along with possibility of what great things can come from it this coming season.  I hope we're not disappointed ...


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