Friday, July 1, 2011

No Answer, but It's Over and It's as Official as It Can Get ...

It's actually not the worst ending I had imagined, but it's still not one I would've picked either.

The Penguins recently announced that they withdrew their offer to Jagr.  I suppose that's better than his rejecting "us," but it still feels like shit.

YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, JAROMIR JAGR, and you blew it while leaving any chance for such a prime moment to occur again virtually impossible.  And I really can't blame the Penguins organization as I find the way you and your agent, Svoboda, handled this entire situation to be totally irrational especially with everything the Penguins have already done for you up to this point.

But this was it, that one perfect opportunity to rid yourself of all the negative stigma (deserving or not) that was over-shadowing your reputation and career with Pittsburgh and it's fans.  That is all gone now along with all the hopes and possibilities that we all held with it.  I have no doubt this will be YOUR asterick in the Penguins record books.

I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your career and will forever watch your highlights in awe and amazement, but to continue calling myself your fan will only open me up to more of your foolishness and make me look like a fool too.  At this very moment, after close to 20 years of being your fan and sticking by you through it all, that's devastating to me.  I hope that whatever decision you make that it is well worth the costly price of the Penguins organization (your relationship with Lemieux especially), Pittsburgh fans, and your legacy.

I do have one question for you though ... what jersey will you be wearing when you're inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

As a side note to those of you who were against this signing from the beginning , PLEASE BE KIND and try to refrain from gloating or saying "I told you so,"  (this could have easily gone the other way).  Thank you ; )

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