Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reactions to the "Hype" (Don't 'Believe' It)

According to today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,

The NHL has assigned veteran on-ice officials to work the game tonight. Referees Bill McCreary and Stephen Walkom have worked nearly 2,300 regular-season games, and linesmen Brian Murphy and Tony Sericolo nave officiated more than 1,960 between them.

Penguins majority co-owner Mario Lemieux and president David Morehouse are expected to attend the game, as is NHL director of hockey operations Colin Campbell.
Here are what some of the Pens had to say about the hype that's been going around for tonight's game:
"Haven't thought about it yet," Cooke said after a Wednesday morning practice before the Penguins played last night against the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center.

Pressed four times for comment yesterday on the treatment he expected to receive from Boston players, Cooke added only that the Penguins' Atlantic Division showdown with the Devils was "the most important thing right now."
On the hype surrounding the game:
These games always get hyped up a lot. They are in a tight race so the two points are huge. I am just trying to contribute.
On whether Cooke should have his head up:
Matt always has his head up. He is more than able of taking care of himself.

On whether he thinks Cooke must be aware tonight:
I am sure he will keep his head up all night. I’m sure he will be fine.
On being worried about the Bruins taking runs at him:
No. I have been run before.

On missing this game because of the hype surrounding it:
It is going to be a tough and physical game tonight. I think Boston needs points if they want to make the playoffs. I don’t expect them to play dirty tonight because they don’t want to play on the PK the whole game. I think it’s going to be a tough game but not a dirty one.
"I don't know how much they can be worried about retribution with Cookie because they need points," Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik said, adding that it was "unfortunate what happened to Savard."

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