Friday, March 12, 2010

Easing into "Normal"

Well, at least this is a post, so it's a starting point.

I'm trying very hard to get back into blogging, but even just that seems to be a chore these days and I'm hoping my readers can understand that. Yesterday was my first day back at work which proved to be a slight struggle especially with training scheduled for this week ... needless to say my butt was kicked by the end of the day and I was glad to be able to hop into my truck and head home!!

Anyway, I've learned pretty quickly that this blog is a big part of who I am as a Pens fan since I've felt quite "lost" not having done my usual "research" for the blog and preparing for upcoming games. During yesterday's game I found myself clueless as to who was / wasn't playing and the typical, everyday team news which felt quite strange so I decided I have to get back on track here in order to feel any kind of normalcy even as a Pens fan!!! I'm not used to the feeling of being "clueless" as I watch games and it's not too good of a feeling.

I just want to thank all of you again for your patience (and hope I didn't lose too many of you) and ask that you give me a little more time in order to ease my way into blogging again. Hopefully that won't take too much longer especially since I'm pretty lost without it (it keeps me straight and helps me pay attention to what's going on with my team!).

THANKS, guys!! : )

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