Monday, March 29, 2010

Off-Day Notes

  • First and foremost, I went to the game on Saturday but I wasn't able to catch much of the game because I was sitting BEHIND THE GLASS which is partly the reason why the blog hasn't been updated recently ... I'm still getting over the shock of being that close and how thrilling the action is down there (and how fast the game actually moves and how hard they check into the boards ... I got to experience that first-hand a FEW times!)!! I DO have alot of awesome pictures though so I'm hoping to post those soon along with my "interpretation" of what I caught of the game!! Those really aren't the seats you want if planning to catch the game and what's going on, but it was AMAZING and I think every fan should try to get seats like that at least once ... I had a great time!!!

  • As for Pens news, Gonchar returned to the ice today to get some strength and conditioning in with Mike Kadar; there is still no date as to when he's expected to be back in the lineup
  • "I expect Gonch to be getting healthy very soon," he said. "I can’t predict the future on that one. I expect him to be getting back."
  • Malkin was also back on the ice today, but didn't do much skating (more "light shooting")

"With Geno, we are more apt to make sure he is 100 percent than to put his foot into a skate and go out when it is not 100 percent," Bylsma said. "I hope he is getting better. I know he is getting better. We will see him back on the ice here in the next couple days. He is possible for Wednesday. We are also not going to put him back in the lineup if he is going to be in one (game) and out one."

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The Fitness Diva said...

Sounds exciting to be that up and close to the action!
Since I live close to Madison Square Garden, you know we have a ton of hockey fans here. I have a few friends who attend games regularly, and they're always so psyched up about going. If you're in the area of the Garden when the NY Islanders are playing, it's a mad house!
Sounds like you got some great pics being that close!