Monday, August 31, 2009

What Does Tangers Do in the Off-Season?

Well go to VIP parties and hang out with lovely ladies, of course!!!

Kris Letang was recently spotted (by Hollywood P.Q.) at the VIP party celebrating the 6th anniversary of Dom Rebel (designer clothing company) - surrounded by beautiful woman with one on his arm!! The Cup MUST change everything!!

Pictures courtesy of Hollywood P.Q. (Freelance Underground)

And what else has Letang been up to this summer aside from all the VIP parties and beautiful women? Deep-sea fishing, according to Joe Starkey! He went to the Bahamas with his uncle for a week and told Starkey he estimates catching around 80 fish including a 210 pound lemon shark which took him two-and-a-half hours to reel in. They enjoyed the "fruits of his labor" by dining on the shark which Letang says, "... tastes like swordfish."

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kimhckylvr87 said...

He brought a girl to a hotel opening in montreal but im not sure if there the same....she is one lucky girl