Wednesday, August 26, 2009

O [Team] Canada

This week Canada is following suit and is holding the men's Olympic hockey orientation camp (in Calgary). Among the chosen are three Penguins and these are their official team photos.

A reader from my other blog pointed out that Crosby and Fleury have both cover the Nike logo on their jerseys (since they Reebok endorsers) -- pretty clever; however, the more I look at it, I can't decide if they're actually hiding it or it was digitally "erased."


Lauren said...

The Nike swoosh wasn't digitally erased out of either picture - you can see a little bit of the swoosh on each picture (if you look at the larger version) - just very clever glove placement :)

SMM said...

Thanks, Lauren - I needed another opinion! I actually would've never noticed if Val wouldn't have pointed it out (VERY clever!)!! : )

Caitlin said...

why do MAF and Staalsy look awkward in their pics? Sid knows how to own it.