Monday, August 31, 2009

Next Up: OOPS - I Missed Fedotenko in WI with the Cup!

Ruslan Fedotenko had his day with the Cup a few weeks ago on Tuesday, August 18th and I didn't come across it until now (SORRY!).

Ruslan and his wife, Debbie, were married and own property in (Sister Bay) Door County, Wisconsin which is where he took Lord Stanley on his day. The day included numerous stops at Wilson's restaurant to eat ice cream from the Cup bowl, the top of the tower at Peninsula State Park, Johnson's Park where the Cup rode "shotgun" in a go-cart.

Fedotenko shared the Cup with fans in the afternoon at the Waterfront Restaurant for an autograph session.


Nickeroni said...

he's my favorite!

dservey said...

He's my favorite too and everyone overlooks him! There were 2 excellent articles that I found online from papers in that area that talked about his day.

Stephanie said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't miss Tenk because I purposely overlooked him, it was because I was having a hard time finding anything on his day with the Cup! SORRY ; )

dservey said...

Understandable, I only knew from an interview he did that he thought he was to have the Cup "in the middle of August." I found 2 articles aobut it the day after it occurred, both are so much better than what the Hockey Hall of Fame's Journal has! Tjhe first one has a photo gallery.