Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's Shift Focus on Crosby from Negative to Positive

I really don't want to give all these reports about Sidney Crosby any power / control - there's been too many and too much with lots of contradiction.  The truth is, I just don't want the time come to pass where my fear becomes reality: he will never be the same despite when / if he returns and neither will hockey.  And that's the last thing I'll try to say until training camp starts.

Around the same time that the Pens released the "latest" information on Crosby this evening, "The Globe and Mail" posted an article about him with an entirely different twist and a positive spin.

In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding Crosby's progress and all the rumors that have come about because of it, he continues to live his life and just be Sidney Crosby.  He took the time out of his off-season to call Matthew Mancini, one of five [Canadian] winners of Wind Mobile’s Best Conversation Ever competition. The competition gave all five the opportunity to speak to the "person of their dreams" while donating $100,000 to the Canadian charity of that person's choice.  Mancini chose to speak to Crosby and Crosby requested that the donation go to the Sidney Crosby Foundation.
But even this feel-good story touched on the current hot topic on Crosby and his progress with one of the questions Matthew asked him (perhaps shedding some new light on the subject):
Matthew wore the light blue jersey Crosby was wearing when he was injured earlier this year, a sign of solidarity with his favourite player. His concern also led him to ask a question that has been on many people’s minds lately: “How are you feeling?” 
Crosby told him that he misses being out on the ice but is doing well and looking forward to playing again this season.
To read the entire article, "Rehabbing Crosby chats with 11-year-old cancer patient," CLICK HERE

THANKS, Meghan H., for sending me the link to this uplifting / refreshing article!

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