Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crosby Rooted for Boston in the 2011 SCF

I just read an article at NESN about Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins.  It was mainly about being a [restricted] free agent and not having a new deal but expecting one soon.

Like Crosby, Marchand is a native of Nova Scotia, so it wasn't a big surprise when he mentioned him in the article.  He said that Sid had called to congratulate him on winning the Stanley Cup.
Apparently the Bruins weren't the only NHLers that enjoyed seeing Boston beat Vancouver in the Final. Marchand noted that he got a call from Pittsburgh star and fellow Nova Scotia native Sidney Crosby and a text from Chicago captain Jonathan Toews, who roomed with Marchand on a Canadian under-18 team, congratulating the Bruins on winning the Cup.

"They were rooting for us, so that was pretty cool," Marchand said.
That is pretty cool.  I was rooting for Boston too (an "American" team from the Eastern Conference - same as the Penguins - was my thinking).

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