Monday, February 1, 2010

Sabres - 12; Pens - 8

The Pens are on the board early with Letestu scoring a sweet goal in the first minute of the game, but the Sabres tie then lead with answering with two goals 42 seconds apart.

Penguins get the first penalty of the game handing the Sabres a one-man advantage. Pens aren't looking like they did yesterday. Fortunately the Pens kill the penalty.

Pretty fast-moving from that point on. Lots of good chances.

Sabres - 11; Pens - 10

The Pens get another penalty right from the start. Staalsy had short-handed opporutnity, but no goal. Shortly after the penalty is killed, the Sabres score making it 3-1 (UGH!)!!

Pens gets their first man-advantage of the game with which Crosby capitalizes (3-2, Pens)!!!! Then with a littl emore than 5 minutes left of the period, Staalsy scores a sweet goal to tie the game! The closer to the end of the period, the hotter Sid gets ... one goal then ANOTHER for the HT (5-3, Pens)!!!! AWESOME!!! Only a minute left of the period.

FUN FACT of the period: a natural HT is three goals in a row (I DID NOT know that!) ... Crosby could've had one if Staal wouldn't have scored a goal in between his, but I think I'd rather be winning then worry about Sid's natural HT (I'm thinking they feel the same way)!!

Sabres - 11; Pens - 13

Miller takes Crosby's feet out from under him giving the Pens a power play at the beginning of the period ... Sid's three goals must've really been eating Miller's ass!! Nothing comes of it though.

Towards the end of the game, the Sabres get their own power play on which they score. The ref, wanting to give the Sabres a fighting chance, calls a bogus penalty on Orpik giving them a man-advantage (PLUS 1 pulling the goalie) for most of the end of the period. Fleury comes up with some really key saves for how much traffic there was in front of the net!! The faceoff goes all the way down to the Sabres end with only 9.3 seconds left of the period / regulation (3 seconds left in the power play).




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