Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Could the 2011 NHL All-Stars Weekend Be at CEC?

Wouldn't that be nice? A whole new facility to enjoy with the Consol Energy Center and a weekend of the NHL All-Stars ... what could be better for a hockey fan (or the NHL)??!!!!

Well, there's now a better possibility as the Penguins announced today that the organization has submitted a bid to host the 2010-2011 NHL All-Stars.
“The new Consol Energy Center will give us the opportunity to bring many such events to Pittsburgh,” Penguins president David Morehouse said. “We think it can help make Pittsburgh a destination for big national and regional events.”

“We’re excited by the opportunity to bid for the 2010-11 NHL All-Star weekend and believe we have made a strong proposal to the NHL,” Morehouse said.


Molly said...

if that actually happened... i'd jsut about shit my pants!

Stephanie said...

ME TOO!!! ; P

EHisCDN said...

Ok as soon as I find out if it's happening I'm going to save up and have myself a road trip!

Daniel said...

That would be so amazing. Though I can only imagine how difficult tickets would be to acquire...

Stephanie said...

@EHisCDN -- that would be really COOL!!

@Daniel -- very TRUE (and that would be very heartbreaking!)!!

Cat said...

If it's at the CEC I'm getting there one way or another and I'll hock my car for tickets!
Ok, maybe not my car, but maybe I'll eat ramen noodles for a few months or something.