Friday, August 5, 2011

Jaromir Jagr On the Cover of THN in Philthy Uniform (PLUS His iSport Interview)

Here's the most recent cover of THN.

I suppose we have to get used to it sooner or later (and I'd prefer to get it out of the way with!)!!

He also recently did an interview with (link is in Czech; not translated) which includes a few words about his "confusion" with Penguins fans' reaction.  I'm already tired of his whining ... I guess he has to blame someone other than himself (how else would he rationalize the idiotic way he and his agent went about his return to the NHL while playing around with Pittsburgh?)!!  Here are the interesting parts about what he has to say about us fans (translated with Google Translate; one of my readers, Susanne, was nice enough to do a quick translation of the questions below - they do read just a bit differently; update is on top of original IN RED ... THANKS SUSANNE!):
Whats your opinion about the still negative reactions from Pittsburgh fans?
I dont care about it now but I guess it will be tough. I realise being the number one enemy in Pittsburgh, I dont understand why but there is nothing I can do with it...
What do you say to increasingly negative reactions from fans of Pittsburgh?
"I do not care now, but I suspect it will be difficult. “ I realize that I was in Pittsburgh enemy number one, does not understand why, but it has nothing to do ... "

Maybe because there is a huge rivalry between the clubs, isnt there?
I dont know.. its not like Sparta and Slavia, when I was playing for Pittsburgh I didnt feel any especially huge hatred between the clubs.

Perhaps also because the club is a great rivalry, right?
"Well, I do not know ... “ There's not as Sparta and Slavia, when I played in Pittsburgh, so I feel that among those clubs was a particularly great hatred. "

You will feel it now for sure...
(thinking) Thats hard to describe, I guess its like when a girl breaks up with a boy and the boy is completely burned-out and starts throwing all the dirt on the girl. Even if I dont understand why is it this way... but there is nothing to do with it, its just a part of a life.

Now I feel sure ...

(Thinks) "it can be hard to describe, just seems to me that it's as if a girl breaks up with boy, boy is it completely finished yet and the girl begins to suddenly throw all the dirt. Although not understand why it is ... “ But it can not do anything, it is simply part of life."
His responses are getting on my nerves.  He doesn't understand?  That's convenient, isn't it?!!  POOR JAGR!!  /end sarcastic rant ...

And if you can't get enough of WHY he didn't chose Pittsburgh and how he can't understand our reaction, CLICK HERE (because Crosby needs speed and [his/Jagr's] power doesn't matter!).  If he's comparing Penguins fans to the "girl" in a break-up then I'd have to compare Jagr to the "boy" during an argument who twists and turns things around to make it appear that anyone other than himself is at fault!!

But I am not going to lie - I would've LOVED to have seen #68 on the ice in black and vegas gold and I am still a little bitter that he won't be making / breaking records in Pittsburgh ... I was a TRUE FAN (can you blame me for not being able to get over it?)!!  I must admit that his words about Pittsburgh and it's fans are making it a little easier to get over it / him!!!


Anonymous said...

pittsburgh offered him a horrible offer for one... second flyers was just an overall good fit for him because they didn't have established spots for anyone anymore with all their moves. pittsburgh didn't need him at all so they just made a crappy offer to satisfy fans so it looked like "hey we made an offer and he refused." after taxes he would have gotten 700,000 for a year. who wants to work for peanuts when you're a star? we got him and you don't. ha ha!

Anonymous said... get your translator to read this one.

Stephanie said...

Yeah -- HA HA ... you can have him ... the thing is, you should do more research because JAGR HIMSELF SAID HE WOULD COME BACK TO PLAY FOR MARIO AT THE LEAGUE MINIMUM (so SUPPOSEDLY money shouldn't have been the factor) ... I'm over it and YOU CAN HAVE HIM!!! Philthy isn't going to win the Cup regardless -- HAHA!!