Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It Looks Like Gonchar is Out for 4-6 Months

Answers are more definite today as the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage reports that defensemen Sergei Gonchar has elected to undergo arthroscopic surgery to treat his separated shoulder. This decision came after Gonchar met with a third orthopedic specialist yesterday; however, according to Gonchar last Thursday, there really weren't too many options having told Rob Rossi that his prognosis was "either 'You're doing surgery' or 'You're not doing surgery.'" According to the Penguins, the surgery will repair cartilage and ligament damage his shoulder suffered after taking a hit from David Koci during the first period of the first pre-season game at the Mellon Arena against Tampa Bay on September 20th.

The surgery is scheduled for this Thursday and Gonchar's recovery time will be 4 - 6 months.

“It is always difficult to lose a very talented player and leader for an extended period of time, but we all believe this is the best decision for Sergei,” said Ray Shero, the Penguins’ executive vice president and general manager. “We are confident that he will come back strong after this surgery. In the meantime, we’ll look to our other defensemen to step up in his absence.”
What is happening to our defense? First, Ryan Whitney and now Gonchar - both out for extended periods of time this season and it hasn't even started yet. I guess that's the good news since we may see them play during the last half of the season (Gonchar will be closer towards the end of the season, in March).

I'd be more worried if we didn't have the depth we do on defense - Kris Letang, Alex Goligoski, Brooks Orpik, Hal Gill - just to name a few. We've really been without these guys for all / most of the pre-season and, as far as I'm concerned, they look pretty good and are already used to not having our two top defensemen in the lineup, so I wouldn't count them out just yet! Have faith, Penguins fans!!

Mellon Arena to Host "Watch Party" on October 4th

The Pittsburgh Penguins will once again open the Mellon Arena so that fans can watch the away Penguins game on the Jumbotron. This time, they've set a "Watch Party" on Saturday, October 4th to see the Pens season-opener against the Ottawa Senators in Stockholm, Sweden. The game is set to begin at 2:30 pm (EDT) and admission is free.

Concession stands and PenStation will be open during this time.
Fans may enter Mellon Arena via Gate 1 located along Centre Avenue beginning at 11:30 am.

In addition to the Mellon Arena being open for fans to watch the pre-season opener against Ottawa on the 4th, they have planned free tours of the facility and family skating sessions from noon - 5:00 PM.

Skating sessions run as follows:
  • noon - 1:30 PM
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Skaters must bring their own skates and anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Sessions will be on a first come, first served basis and only 300 skaters per session will be permitted.

The tours will depart from the East Concourse every 45 minutes (for more information, visit the Mellon Arena webpage).

Hossa is WRONG Yet Again!!

You would think that Marian Hossa would try to keep a low profile after dissing the Penguins and signing a 1-year deal with the Detroit Redwings; however, he continues to run at the mouth freely -- [you can insert foot at anytime now, douchebag!]!!

Not only has Hossa openly admitted that he feels the Red Wings are better than the Penguins, now he's cutting on team captain Sidney Crosby when he most recently commented to the Windsor Star on the comparison between him and new linemate Pavel Datsyuk.
In the past six months, the speedy winger has had the opportunity to play with arguably the two most creative centres in hockey in Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby and his new pivot man in Detroit Pavel Datsyuk "They're different players," Hossa said in comparing the two. "Sidney is more a skater and Pavel is more a playmaker."

Hossa has also found Datsyuk the more unpredictable of the two. The 29-year-old Slovak star admits he's quickly learned not to try and anticipate, just be ready to react when riding shotgun with Datsyuk.

"He's a great passer," Hossa said. "He always gets the puck to you. You just have to make sure you get open. ... You don't even have to say anything, he sees you even when you're behind him. "Basically, you just get ready for the shot."
Hossa needs to learn how to shut his piehole (however, he is creating quite an abundance of "bulletin board" material for the Penguins!)!! Or maybe just get his facts straight before he opens his mouth!

As pointed out by YAHOO'S Puck Daddy, Hossa is letting everyone know that he feels Datsyuk is a much better offensive center than Crosby! However, Puck Daddy also pointed out some very valid stats which leads them to believe that you would definitely choose Crosby to build a team unless your goal was to win just one game (um, OK!). Here's a few excerpts from Puck Daddy's post:

Two interesting stats from last season, from Behind The Net: Datsyuk averaged 2.76
points per 60 minutes, while Crosby blew the doors off him with an average of 3.38.

On the power play, it's a reversal of fortune: Datsyuk averages 5.74 points per 60 minutes, while Crosby averages 5.02. (Taking into account that Crosby's injury last season muddled some of these numbers.) So they both have their virtues.

In the end, Crosby is always going to be a player who (like Mario before him) will make his linemates better -- at least that's what the Penguins are praying for with Miro Satan.

Can the same be said of Datsyuk? Or is he more a product of the talent around him?

Perhaps, Hossa is just trying to talk himself into believing all of this bullcrap knowing all too well that he made the biggest mistake of his career by signing with the Red Wings; the only thing left is for everyone else (outside of Pens Nation) to realize that; and that time can't come soon enough!!

Reggie Dunlop's Obituary

Slap Shot, the NY Times hockey blog, actually wrote an obituary for Charlestown Chiefs coach / player Reggie Dunlop!! COOL as hell!

Read it HERE!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Therrien Liked What He Saw

The Pittsburgh Penguins webpage is reporting that new forward Ruslan Fedotenko will be getting another chance to play alongside phenom center Sidney Crosby as well as Miroslav Satan. This is a line that a few reporters (as well as fans) have unofficially made the "dream team" of the Penguins. I like this line for the simple fact that it doesn't include Dupuis (or Taffe - did you happen to catch that? How crazy was that?).

If you noticed, I said that Fedotenko will be getting another chance because Therrien tried using him on that line during the second half of the last Toronto Maple Leafs game last Friday. They've been keeping with this line in practice and plan to use it in the Penguins final pre-season game in Helsinki, Finland against the Jokerit on Thursday.

“We put (Fedotenko) on that line in the second half of our game in Toronto last Friday, and I liked what I saw, liked their chemistry,” Penguins coach Michel Therrien said. “So we’re going to have them practice together, and we’ll try it again on Thursday. I think it’s a good combination.”

Therrien stopped short of committing to the Fedotenko-Crosby-Satan line for the NHL regular season opener Saturday against Ottawa in Stockholm, but it’s clear that if the three diverse forwards continue to adjust and play well together, he’ll continue to roll them out there.

With setting up this line, the Penguins will now have 2 lines for opposing teams to contend with: Fedotenko - Crosby - Satan AND Staal - Malkin - Sykora. This line may just very well turn out to be the piece of the puzzle the team was missing during the SCF last season. Penguins have a lot of depth - enough to create 2 amazing lines - and there's only so much one team can do to stop one amazing line let alone 2 of them! Not only do these 2 lines have chemistry in common, they have a few other things in common as well. For instance, Malkin and Sykora previously played alongside each other in the Magnitogorsk league so they know each others thoughts and moves pretty well. Although not to as great of an extent as them, Fedotenko and Satan were on the New York Islanders together and were occasionally placed on the same line creating a familiarity with each other's games according to Fedotenko.

Could this be it; could the search finally be over? Could this be the "secret combination" the Penguins have been in search of for Sid for the past several seasons? We can only hope! I'm getting knots in my stomach just thinking about it (oh - the possibilities for this team; if not this year then an endless number of years to come)!

Crosby Makes DiDomenico's Camp Memorable

Chris DiDomenico was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 6th round and attended Toronto's NHL training camp. He has been sent back down to the QMJHL Sea Dogs, but got to play in a pre-season game against the Penguins before returning.

How is this related to the Penguins besides the fact that he had an opportunity to play in an NHL game against the Pens? The fact that he almost got into it with Sidney Crosby (which we all know is something that is quite rare since Crosby is not a fighter)!!

When I came across the article in globeandmail.com, I found it amusing and decided to do a post on it. Here's my favorite part (quote from DiDomenico):

He was on the ice for the Penguins tying goal late in the game that Pittsburgh won 5-4, but he exhibited some offensive flair and experienced a late-game run in with Sidney Crosby. The two bumped into each other in the Penguins zone, causing Crosby to cross-check DiDomenico, who returned a slash directed at the Penguins captain.

“He asked me if I wanted to go when we got into the penalty box,” DiDomenico said, laughing. “I guess that will be something to remember.”

The thought of Sidney in the penalty box asking (a rookie, no less!) if he "wanted to go" is just priceless!! I don't know why, but I find it amusing (and thought I'd share it with you)!!

Pens Keep Travel Blog from Sweden

The Pittsburgh Penguins webpage has been posting updates about the Pens trip to Stockholm. It is to be updated daily and include photos / videos.

Currently, there are updates for Sunday and videos of interviews of Crosby, Fleury, and Talbot. The team left Saturday and arrived in Stockholm at 9:30 AM on Sunday (3:30 AM in Pittsburgh). It was a 10-hour flight - LONG!!

I think it's a great idea for them to have a travel blog. Allows the fans to know whats going on and what it's like in Europe.

So be sure to check the Penguins webpage daily to get updates on the Pens trip to Sweden (and Finland).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just Another Reason Why I Love Bill Clement!

I just come across an article by NBC Sports' Bill Clement and thought I'd share it with the rest of my fellow Pens fans because I think Clement is the only person on the face of this earth who believes in the title of his article (other than the 50 million or so Penguins fans around the world!)!!

No repeat for the Red Wings

Yep, that's right! Bill Clement believes that the "almighty" Red Wings will not be able to pull off another championship run this season - FINALLY!! Someone else outside of Pens Nation who has some sense!

Some of the reasons behind his opinion are:
  • too little time to "recharge" - Clement points out that the SCF stretches into June and doesn't leave the two teams much time to recuperate from the highs of the run especially since the players from the championship team will have plenty of people wanting a piece of their time during the off-season to "celebrate" which will cut into the preparation for the upcoming season. Much too little time to rest the mind ("and the body follows the mind; a tired mind leads to a tired body."). In terms of the Penguins, they also face the short off-season but youth is on their side and from the looks of it, it didn't take much for them to recharge (and it doesn't hurt that alot of the players are new and weren't with the "core" for the SC run - some "new legs").
  • it's hard to stay healthy - Clement believes it will be hard for the Red Wings to stay healthy 2 consecutive seasons in a row. I believe it's hard for any group of geriatrics to even survive for 2 consecutive seasons in a row! Let's face it, we've all heard the jokes, but Detroit is considerably "old" in terms of athletes. They're bodies will give up quicker than those much younger and it will catch up with them sooner or later but especially since they have little time to recoup from their successful post-season. Pittsburgh gave them a run for their money so it wouldn't surprise me if they lost a step or two since then especially when the majority of their team is in tact - no "fresh legs." (except Hossa but he doesn't count because one person doesn't make a difference which is why he did nothing to help the Pens)!!
  • Osgood faces pressure to be "the man" - last year Osgood was the back-up for Dominik Hasek and with his recent retirement, Osgood is now Detroit's starting goalie which carries significantly more responsibility and pressure. Clement says that Osgood has the "double load" of being the #1 goalie along with the burden of high expectations for the team to repeat. Can he handle it? I'm banking on not especially with a back-up like Ty Conklin. I've made it clear how I whole-heartedly believe that Osgood was made to look better than he is by his elite defensemen and there's no way that he was as good as everyone made him out to be in the playoffs / SCF and I still believe that. I think Conklin will be added as another burden for the simple fact that I also believe without a doubt that Conklin is a better goalie than Osgood and if given the opportunity to prove it at some point, Osgood is going to lose that confidence and break under the pressure (the secret will come out).

"I’ll close by saying that if the Red Wings do win it all again, I will bow down to them and give them their just recognition and praise as a team that found ways to successfully navigate one the most difficult rocky roads in all of sports – the one that leads to winning consecutive Stanley Cups."

I would never go so far as to "bow down" to the Detroit Red Wings - ever - no matter how good I don't want to admit they are! I'll go as far as licking the crusty bottoms of my shoes if they repeat this year which means there's no chance in hell that they'll be the 2008-2009 SC champions. Hossa needs to start practicing begging and pleading because he just gave up $7 million, security, and the Stanley Cup (again) for a year of a downward spiral with the Detroit Red Wings - EAT IT, WHORE-SA, I mean HOSSA!! You deserve everything you [don't] get this year.

VIDEO: Friday's ICEOPLEX Practice

Here's some of what I got to see at Friday's practice from the video posted on the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage.

I also forgot to post my Malkin autograph yesterday, so they're below the video.

Ruutu Fitting Well with Ottawa Line

It seems as though former Penguin Jarkko Ruutu has made himself at home in Ottawa especially on a line that TSN is referring to as the "energy line." It's made up of Cody Bass-Chris Neil-Jarkko Ruutu and reports are that they pack a punch creating plays, supporting each other, forechecking well. TSN's Ray Ferraro says that Ottawa may "have come upon a line they may want to use early in the season." and Pierre McGuire reports they appear to have good chemisty. It's honestly nice to hear that Ruutu is doing well, but too bad it isn't with Pittsburgh!!

We'll find out all about Ruutu's "energy line" soon enough when the Penguins play the Ottawa Senators on October 4th and 5th in Stockholm, Sweden to start out the opening of the 2008-2009 NHL season.

Sergei Gonchar Interview

Here's Gonchar talk about his injury and recovery.

Click HERE to view it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pens Make Final Cut Before 10-Day Europe Trip

[UPDATE] My buddy, Eric, over at "Experiencing the Evolution" set me straight on the cuts before, during, and after the Pens trip to Europe (THANK YOU!!). The story is that the Penguins are only allowed to carry the 25 players during their Jokerit game in Helsinki, Finland then must cut another player before the 2 games in Stockholm and a final 1 before returning to the US. My guesses would be Curry before Stockholm games (because they don't normally have 3 goalies in their lineup) and Bissonnette before returning to the US because they don't need more than 1 enforcer (and Godard does a pretty good job at taking care of business) -- or just maybe I'm still pulling for Pesi even though he'll probably be one of the players to be cut when Whitney and Gonchar returns (Goligoski probably being the other). Thanks again, Eric! By the way - I like what you've done with the place over at E.T.E!!

The Pittsburgh Penguins made 2 final cuts today prior to their 10-day European stint in Stockholm.

Surprising, yet not so surprising, Connor James and Danny Richmond are the last 2 players assigned to WB/S today while the remaining 25 make the trip to Stockholm to prepare for the final pre-season game against the Jokerit in Helsinki then the 2-game season openers against the Ottawa Senators in Sweden.

The Penguins are allowed to carry one additional player with them while in Europe (25) but will need to cut that additional player next Friday, before the regular season begins on October 4th. Notable players to remain on the Penguins roster are Janne Pesonen, Paul Bissonnette, and John Curry. It is speculated that Curry will be the one sent back to Pittsburgh's AHL affiliate WB/S next Friday. Both Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar have been placed on injured reserve (IR) and do not count against the team's final 24 players. As my husband, John, pointed out, the Penguins will need to cut an additional two players once Whitney and Gonchar return to the lineup at some point (which would take care of Bissonnette and Pesonen, but allows them the opportunity to prove themselves in the meantime).

'Slap Shot' Icon Dies at 83

Paul Newman, star of the 1977 iconic hockey movie, "Slap Shot," died yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

Newman was an Academy Award-winning actor whose list of hit movies is vast, but is probably best known among hockey fans playing Reggie Dunlop, the veteran player / coach of the Charlestown Chiefs, in "Slap Shot."

He was 83.

Here are some other blogs / sites with tributes to the great Paul Newman / Reggie Dunlop:

If you've never watched Slap Shot (you're not yet a true hockey fan and), I suggest you watch it this weekend as tribute to Reggie Dunlop! It is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE hockey movie as it is Sid's (about 8 seconds into the "Hot Seat" video) and other Penguins'. You are definitely missing out on a great hockey comedy -- perhaps the BEST of ALL TIME!! Here's a clip to give you a taste of what you're missing!!

Friday's Practice at the ICEOPLEX

So I took a day off of work to go to the Penguins afternoon practice at the ICEOPLEX yesterday with my husband and our friends. It was a really great day. We were wondering how many of the players would show up to practice since they had a game later that night, but they were all there and it was a full practice - what a treat!! Not many people were there so I'm assuming that alot of fans were thinking like we did (they weren't going to practice or there wouldn't be many players there because of the pre-season game later that evening).

We stood outside and were able to get a few autographs including MALKIN'S!! It was well worth the day off and 2-hour trip just for that alone (Malkin doesn't freely give autographs typically)!! I posted a few pictures - ENJOY!!

Start the Season with FSN - Pittsburgh

Get ready for the upcoming 2008-2009 Penguins season with 2 special programs featuring the Penguins and Sidney Crosby on FSN - Pittsburgh. Here are the specials and the date / time they will air on FSN - Pittsburgh.

September 28th at 10pm

A new season has brought new hope and new faces, but the goal remains the same for the Pittsburgh Penguins. How much did a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals help the young Pens, and can they take the next step in 2008-09? Paul Steigarwald and Dan Potash take an in-depth look at the new roster, its strengths, and the biggest challenges that lie ahead. Hear from Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Miroslav Sata, Ruslan Fedotenko, Ray Shero, Mike Yeo and other Penguins who are “Back For More,” and so are we!
Friday, October 3rd at 7:30pm

What would he do next? With a scoring title and MVP season behind him, Sidney Crosby set out to reach new heights as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. However his third season would be his biggest challenge to date. Crosby was off to another great start when a high ankle sprain caused him to miss 28 games. The Pens hung tough while he was gone, and then reaped the benefits of his return, as Crosby took off in the postseason to help the Pens reach the Stanley Cup Finals. Dan Potash sits down with # 87 for a look back, and sneak peek at what the future may have in store.

Pesonen Scores First Goal in NHL as a Penguin!

Last night, Pittsburgh Penguin forward Janne Pesonen officially scored his first goal in the NHL as a Pittsburgh Penguin. The goal was scored in the first period to tie the game at 1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The above-picture is of that goal (awesome pic!)!!

Pesonen previously scored a goal at the September 20th pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but was called off as the whistle was blown by a referee prior to the goal making it into the net - and did not count.

"Indefinitely" Has Turned to Six Weeks - Six Months for Gonchar

It's now being reported that Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar will likely be out at least six weeks (and at the most six months) - this according to Dr. Trent Gause of Tri-Rivers Surgical Associates who advises that rehabilitation for a dislocated shoulder is typically six weeks whereas rehabilitation for the surgical treatment of this type of injury is around four to six months.

Gonchar said that he will be meeting with a second orthopedic specialist Monday to discuss non-surgical treatments (he's already met with team physician and another orthopedic specialist).

"It's either, 'You're doing surgery' or 'You're not doing surgery.'" Gonchar said of his options. "I still have time before we do anything. Either way we're going, I have to make sure my shoulder is strong and all the swelling is going down."
With Gonchar out, Therrien has replaced him at the point of the top powerplay line with Evgeni Malkin which has been successful since he assisted in Petr Sykora's powerplay goal during last Wednesday's pre-season game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Malkin is House-Hunting

Unlike his teammate and Captain, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin is anxious to find a place of his own and has told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he's been searching for a house, but hasn't had any luck yet. Malkin has spent the past two seasons living with Sergei Gonchar.

"I like (Gonchar's) house, it's good for me," Malkin said. "But I need a house for my parents." Malkin said his parents plan to spend considerably more time in Pittsburgh this season than in years past. "Before it was a few weeks," Malkin said. "Now it is a few months. So I need a house. But no luck yet."

Specifics of Kennedy's Extension Deal

As reported in a previous post, Tyler Kennedy was signed to a two-year extension deal. Kennedy was set to become a restricted free agent after the upcoming 2008-2009 season. I came across the following specifics of the deal:

Earnings through 2011
2008-2009: $550,000
2009-2010: $600,000
2010-2011: $850,000
"I know I have to work hard to stay here," Kennedy said. "I want to work hard and put some points up and be a contributor."
I really like Kennedy's attitude about the whole situation. Even after getting an extension from the Penguins, he still wants to work hard and seems to remain grounded; doesn't let it go to his head (you gotta love that)!! All the more reason why he deserves to wear a Penguins jersey and why I like this kid!!

Updates on Gill and Letang

Both defensemen Hal Gill and Kris Letang had a rough game playing Toronto in their last pre-season game before heading to Europe on Saturday.

Ponikarovsky's goal (Toronto's 2nd) deflected into the net off Letang's face. He stayed on the ice for awhile and required some assistance, but returned in the second period.

Hal Gill suffered from a bruised knee within the first few minutes of the 1st period after being hit into the boards. He was kept out of the lineup for the rest of the game, but coach Michel Therrien reports that "Gill should be fine," and that keeping him out of the rest of the game was precautionary measure. He will be checked out again today just to make sure he's okay, but should be fine.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kennedy Re-Signed to Extension

Pittsburgh Penguins GM, Ray Shero, announced today that they have re-signed Tyler Kennedy to a two-year extension which will allow him to play in the new arena (2010-2011 season).

This is good news and a great move by the Penguins based on Kennedy's contribution to the team last season and his track record so far. Kennedy was called up from Pittsburgh's AHL affiliate WB/S Baby Pens on October 27, 2007 for the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs and never looked back. He played a total of 55 games for the Penguins during the 2007-2008 season and scored his first goal on November 3, 2007 (a few games after his debut in the NHL).

Personally, I like Kennedy. He has the drive and hustle to make things happen and his stats prove it. He makes his home along the boards where he feels most comfortable and is most productive. And who knows how much more he could've accomplished if it wasn't for his bought with mono late last January which kept him out of the Penguins lineup (and the NHL Young Stars game during the 2007-2008 All-Stars weekend) through February which included a stint back in WB/S for a short time before he returned to the Penguins on the 14th of that month.

He's also a little scrapper which none of us were aware of until late in the season. Even though he was new to the NHL, he was not afraid to start a fight and drop the gloves nor did he shy away from trouble if he felt in the name of elevating the game to another level in order to rally the team.

I'm anxious to see what Kennedy brings to the table this season and if his training camp and pre-season gameplay are any indication, he will only be getting better. What was really impressive were the training camp reports saying that Kennedy was playing as though a spot on the NHL roster wasn't guaranteed - that's true Penguins mentality which is why Kennedy deserves the extension he was offered today!!

Preseason Game: Penguins vs. Leafs LIVE!!

Want to tune in live? AM640 Toronto RADIO is broadcasting the game LIVE!!

    End of Game (Penguins win, 5-4 FINAL)

    • GOAL!! Matt Cooke (18:25); assisted by Dupuis and Talbot (Pens take the lead 5-4)!! 1:35 left in the game
    • 2:49 left in the 3rd
    • GOAL!! Kris Letang (16:14); assisted by Orpik and Fedotenko (game tied 4-4)
    • 14:12 - Penguin / Leafs Penalty - Crosby, cross-checking; Didomenico, slashing (4-on-4)
    • 10:27 - Penguins Penalty - Fedotenko, hi-sticking (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 7:55 - GOAL - Kaberle (D); unassisted (Leafs lead 4-3)
    • GOAL!!! Sidney Crosby (5:36); assisted by Satan and Fedotenko (game tied 3-3)
    • 1:38 - Leafs Penalty - Kulemin, hooking (Penguins Powerplay)

    End of Period #2 (Leafs still lead, 3-2)

    • 19:17 - Penguins Penalty - Goligoski, hooking (4-on-4)
    • 19:05 - Leafs Penalty - Kaberle (D), holding (Penguins Powerplay)
    • announcers mentioning the fact that they haven't seen Hal Gill since limping off the ice
    • 16:07 - FIGHT: Letang vs. Steen; both receive penalties for roughing
    • SHOUTING MATCH - Kubina and Cooke
    • GOAL!! Mark Eaton (10:51); assisted by Goligoski and Crosby (3-2)
    • FIGHT - Crosby vs. Earl (I'm not sure if this is the Leafs player he got into it with); no penalties given
    • 7:20 - Delayed Penguins Penalty - Orpik, holding the stick (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 6:59 - FIGHT - Hollweg vs. Bissonnette; both receive 5 minute fighting majors
    • 1:55 - GOAL - Leafs, Schenn (F); assisted by Antropov (F) and Kaberle (D); Leafs, 3-1

    End of Period #1 (Leafs lead, 2-1)

    • Letang up and making his way to the bench (puck went right off the side of the helmet)
    • 19:43 - GOAL - Leafs, Ponikarovsky (F); assisted by Kaberle (D) and Colaiacovo (D); INJURED PENGUIN IN FRONT OF THE NET (K. LETANG)
    • 17:41 - Penguins Penalty - Eaton, holding (Leafs Powerplay)
    • GOAL!! - Janne Pesonen (16:58); assisted by Fedotenko (F)and Goligoski (D), game tied @ 1 - 1 tie game
    • 15:24 - GOAL (shorthanded) - Leafs, Dominic Moore (F); assisted by Jamal Mayers (F)
    • 15:15 - Leafs Penalty - Ponikarovsky, interference on goaltender (Penguins Powerplay), 4:45 left in the 1st
    • no score and really no good action up to this point as you can tell from the lack of any GAME UPDATES here!!
    • there's a live feed of the game on LeafsTV Interactive, but just as it was only locally to the Pittsburgh area on Wednesday, it's only being broadcast for those in Toronto.
    • Staal robbed by Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala
    • Hal Gill limps to the bench as he gets hit into the boards
    • Eric Godard heads to locker room to get an edge put on his skates
    • 3:35 - Penguins Penalty - Sydor, interference (Leafs Powerplay)
    • Fleury is in goal for the Pens tonight; Vesa Toskala goalie for the Leafs

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    "How 'Swede' It Is!"

    Shop.NHL.com is selling these really cool RBK Shirts which commemorate the opening of the NHL's season over in Europe. They have one for each game (I chose to post a picture of the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators Premiere Swede "HOW SWEDE IT IS" shirt because I'm slightly bias!). However, if you'd like to 'Czech' out the other (Premiere Prague "CZECH THIS OUT") shirt, click HERE.

    I think they're a little steep at $26.99, but I just might have to break down and buy one (which is probably what they're counting on all fans to do since this is a special event).

    Not Much to Discuss

    Only one post today?

    Yes. I'm just as surprised, but it may be because I got to a late start browsing the internet for news since I was watching the live feed of the Penguins game last night and busy updating my game post; and I'm just worn out from the day-long debate I had yesterday! Speaking of which, those of you who are posting comments, you may not have noticed, but I switched the settings to "moderate" since the LGP.com gang trickled over to posting here and I thought it was best to do it (for now). When you post a comment, it won't automatically appear until I give the "OK" (in case you thought there was something wrong). After a couple of days when things die down a little, I'll allow you to post your little hearts out without my overseeing it!!

    Back to the issue at hand, I'll probably look for more later and post when I can - nothing interesting out there yet, but check back - I'm sure I'll wake up soon (I think I found more to write about during the off-season than I have so far today)!

    I'm just happy there's hockey to watch / listen to!!

    GO PENS!!

    Injury Updates

    Yesterday, Sidney Crosby participated in the Penguins morning practice but was held out of last night's pre-season game against he Toronto Maple Leafs at the Mellon Arena. The Penguins webpage reports that he sat out as a precaution because of a sore groin and is expected to be in the lineup on Friday when the Pens travel to Toronto for another exhibition game agains the Maple Leafs. Crosby's absence didn't appear to affect the team as they pulled out a win over the Leafs 3-2.

    The Penguins also released official word on Sergei Gonchar's injury yesterday via statement from GM Ray Shero. He said that Gonchar has a dislocated shoulder and that he will be out of the lineup indefinitely.
    “Sergei will continue to be evaluated as our team medical personnel consider several treatment options,” Shero said. “In the meantime, we will look for our other defensemen to step up and fill the void created by his absence.”

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    FINAL SCORE: Penguins - 3, Leafs - 1

    I apologize for leaving readers high-n-dry, but I'd rather watch a game then listen to it if I had the choice, but I noticed that due to NHL regulations, only viewers in the Pittsburgh area will be able to view the LIVE feed. I'll do my best to recap (looking off of the Penguins webpage Game Summary)!

    (Pens win, 3-2)

    • :15 - Leafs Penalty - Stralman, hi-sticking (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 5:49 - Penguins Penalty - Staal, hooking (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 8:23 - Leafs Penalty / Penguins Penalty - Stapleton, hi-sticking / Sydor, holding
    • 9:33 - Leafs Penalty - Ponikarovsky, slashing (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 11:35 - Penguins Penalty - Sydor, slashing (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 14:03 - Penguins Penalty - Orpik, interference (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 15:22 - Leafs PP Goal - Ponikarovsky; assisted by Boumidienne and Van Ryn
    • 19:49 - Leafs Goal - Grabovski; assisted by Kulemin and Blake
    • Leafs had 17 shots on goal (game total - 29) and Penguins had 3 shots (game total - 21)

    Period #3 (random notes)

    • Really nice save by Sabu!!

    (Pens lead 3-0)

    • 0:14 - Penguins Penalty - Fedotenko, elbowing (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 1:10 - Malkin [short-handed] goal ; assisted by Staal
    • 6:56 - Penguins Penalty - Bissonnette, misconduct/aggressor (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 10:47 - Penguins Penalty - Malkin, hooking (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 12:32 - Penguins Penalty - Eaton, tripping (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 12:48 - Leafs Penalty - Stapleton, tripping (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 14:30 - Leafs Penalty - Blake, slashing (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 16:46 - Leafs Penalty - Blake, hooking (Penguins Powerplay)
    • Leafs had 7 shots on goal (game total - 12); and Penguins had 9 shots (game total - 18)

    PERIOD #2 (random notes)

    • Bissonnette just got a 10-minute misconduct (you gotta love that kid -- looks like nothing less than 5 for him)!! I would LOVE for him to make the team, but I don't think that's likely to happen (if he's normally like this, he's too much of a risk).
    • The "magical" line looks like a fine-tuned machine tonight and Malkin just scored an AWESOME GOAL (Pens now lead 3-0)!!

    Pens lead 2-0

    • 1:23 - Leafs Penalty - Frogren, tripping (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 2:05 (PP goal) - Sykora; assisted by Satan and Malkin
    • 5:49 - Leafs Penalty - Newbury, roughing (Penguins Powerplay)
    • 7:52 - (PP goal) Fedotenko's FIRST goal; unassisted
    • 13:20 - Penguins Penalty - Staal, slashing (Leafs Powerplay)
    • 18:56 - Leafs / Penguins Penalties (5-minute majors) - Mayers / Bissonnette, fighting
    • Leafs had 4 shots on goal and the Penguins had 9 shots with 2 goals

    • I'M SORRY, GUYS, I just realized the Pens are posting LIVE stream to the game tonight; MUCH MORE INTEREING!! I suggest you switch over too (click the link above)! GOTTA GO -- THERE'S A FIGHT!!
    • Powerplay line was Satan - Malkin - Sykora
    • GOAL! Penguins!! (these announcers suck by the way -- they keep referring to every player as a penguin player -- no names, so I apologize for not giving you specifics)!
    • PENALTY: Leafs (Penguins Powerplay) -- announcers think Talbot "sold it a little bit"
    • Starting line: Staal - Malkin - Sykora
    • SABOURIN is starting in goal for the Pens tonight.
    Tune in to AM640 right now for pre-game coverage. The game will be starting shortly; I'll be posting LIVE blog updates as I did on Monday and hopefully it will go as good as that did. ALSO please keep in mind that I have no official game clock, so I'm unable to post the time / time remaining until the announcers mention it!

    No More Drama!!

    So I guess some of the people over at LGP.com message board are professional bloggers since they know mine sucks and are certain all I'm doing is copying. Who are they - the Blog Police? I beg to differ (if they even took the time to read it anyway). Sometimes I paraphrase; sometimes I quote (in which case I use the "quote button," people which indents the paragraph so readers know you're quoting). I post my thoughts and raise questions and how can a blog exist without news? It would be pretty boring. Where am I to get the information to discuss? I'm not a professional writer, so why all the high expectations? For those of you who still insist on giving me a hard time about my little blog, here's a little "schooling" for all of you:
    What's a blog?
    A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private yhoughts. Memos to the world. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what's new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not.
    End of story.

    GET A GRIP, PEOPLE (get over yourselves; if you don't like, no one is making you come here)!!

    I Just DON'T Get It!!

    You know, you'd think I'd learn my lesson after awhile, but I'm human and I DON'T!!

    I don't think there's anything wrong with "plugging" your blog -- it's how everyone gets started (you have to start somewhere -- EVEN the pensblog and I don't know what's so different about the pensblog -- they dig up info and spew it out too!!) and I'm not ashamed to continue doing it because it's been quite successful for me so far, but most of those people over at the LGP.com message board are just SO QUICK to tear into people!!

    Can't any of them answer / respond to a post without being a smart ass? I can't tell you how annoying that is to me!! GROW UP!! If you don't have a REAL response then DON'T POST -- these people must not have a life!!

    Sorry to vent (and that this has nothing to the with the Pens), but it's just really irritating because anytime I've ever tried to strike up discussion on that board, it always results in smart-ass punks being retarded (nothing better to do with our lives, eh?!)!!! But like other posters said, "if I want to post a blog link then I'll have to take criticism that comes with it!"

    Hopefully, this is my FINAL lesson and I won't be posting anymore!!

    Gonchar Injury Update (FINALLY!)

    [picture to the left: My thoughts exactly Sarge!!]

    Although it's not as detailed as we were hoping for (or anything close to a definite answer to any of our burning questions), here's some current news on Sergei Gonchar and his shoulder injury which I'm SO ECSTATIC about because there's only so many ways you can say "he's getting an MRI" before it starts to sound like nothing.

    According to reports from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it seems the hold-up is that the doctors have been waiting until the swelling in Gonchar's left shoulder goes down before putting him through any tests which may include the MRI that we've all heard so much about for the past few days.

    "Indications" still lead the PPG to believe that Gonchar will be out for some time (whenever THAT is!).

    Not much, but it's something!! Keep checking here for more updates!!

    And on a similar note (one which I so coincidentally mentioned again today in an earlier post), the PPG is also reporting that Penguins head coach, Michel Therrien, "missed practice while having his two broken ribs re-evaluated."

    Therrien DOES Have Broken Ribs

    I KNEW I read this somewhere but couldn't find it when I posted coach Michel Therrien's injury, but I FOUND IT on the Penguins webpage and thought I'd share it with you (even though it's last week's news)!!

    Therrien did suffer from broken ribs (not just bruised ribs -- that was defenseman Rob Scuderi's injury); here's what the Penguins webpage says

    Therrien coaching through pain (posted 09/20/2008):

    Michel Therrien said he suffered two broken ribs when he was inadvertantly involved in a collision at practice Thursday. But he'll be coaching tonight.

    "It's painful - I've had better days," he said with a smile during his pre-game session with the media.

    "I feel like I'm in the playoffs."

    Listen to Penguins VS Maple Leafs Tonight LIVE!!

    Again, the Penguins pre-season will not be televised anywhere locally (it's to be aired on TSN / Canadian TV), but be sure to tune in to AM640 Toronto RADIO, Home of the Leafs who will have LIVE coverage of the game online!!

    I'm going to try to do live blog updates again, so be sure to check back here tonight if you're unable to tune in to AM640 (I actually had fun with that on Monday)!!


    No Word on Gonchar

    As of this morning, there hasn't been any word from the Penguins organization about Sergei Gonchar or an update on his injury.

    I had posted on Monday that Savran on Sportsbeat reported that Gonch was to have his MRI and an update would be released to the media yesterday; however, still nothing.

    I have read speculation that he may be out for weeks but no one knows for sure at this point (but I'm sure whether or not it's a serious injury I would bet that they'd keep him from playing anymore games in the pre-season as a precaution); however, when I hear of anything, you can be sure it'll be posted here.

    I also meant to mention that after looking at the highlight video of the hit Gonchar took against the boards a few times, when he finally made it back up on his skates, it appeared that his arm was "hanging" freely -- PLEASE -- the LAST thing I want to do is start rumors! This is just my humble opinion. His left arm looked like it was moving strangely - like it was just "hanging" there (as if it was out of the socket).

    Like I said, as soon as I'm aware of anything on Gonchar, I'll make sure the rest of you know -- so keep checking back for any updates!

    Madden Says Staal's Future as a Pen is Up to Him

    There have been a countless number of rumors over the summer about whether or not Jordan Staal would be signed to an extension prior to the the beginning of this year's training camp (and his free agency). That time has come and gone and the speculation, as it often does, has disappeared.

    I came across an interesting article by Mark Madden in the Beaver County Times with his take on whether or not Staal will remain a Pittsburgh Penguin beyond his free agency following this season. I have to admit, the article makes sense (I can't believe I just said that!).

    Staal has made it clear that he prefers playing Center (which was quite apparent at times last season when he looked outright awkward playing on the wing) and he's also made it well know that he wants to play on one of the top two lines.

    But, as Madden points out, he can't do both; however, I believe coach Michel Therrien has resolved that issue with the compromise of placing Staal on the Malkin-Sykora line which has been extremely successful. Staal is a winger on this line, but it is the 2nd line and he has the possibility of being incredibly productive as we've witnessed in the season prior to last. His game was elevated by Malkin, his confidence grew and the entire line was unstoppable. I've already witnessed it at the first pre-season game when Staal scored a goal 51 seconds into the game - unstoppable, I tell you!

    I suppose it would depend on how this season plays out. If Staal is successful (and kept on the line assuming that Therrien doesn't pull his change-each-line-every-two-seconds tactic), Madden believes that there is a greater possibility that he will remain in Pittsburgh; however, there's always that slim chance that he could struggle on this line and where would that leave him (or the Pens)? I honestly don't believe that Staal will fail at Malkin's side -- that line is just pure magic and creates endless opportunities when they're on the ice, but the closing of Madden's article sums it up best:

    Staal’s fate isn’t up to Therrien, or Malkin, or anyone else. It’s in his own hands. Staal will start the campaign on a line with one of hockey’s top offensive juggernauts, and he’ll be standing right in front of the net while the NHL’s most talented power play weaves its magic. If he can’t produce, it’s on him.

    Either way, Staal will get paid. But if he can establish himself as a full-time left wing and put up solid numbers, he’ll likely get paid in Pittsburgh and be a contributing part of a burgeoning dynasty. If that’s what Staal wants, it’s his to earn.

    If you get a chance, visit the Beaver County Times webpage to read the article for yourself.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Back to Business for the Pens?! We're Getting Closer to "Game Time"

    [UPDATE to the update] I'd say someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning -- touchy, touchy!! As you can see in the comments section of this post, William (I'm assuming he's from TIOPS or someone who holds them "near and dear") did not find my TIOPS / Rossi / Trib-Review ruse accusation very amusing (OR he just doesn't get my sarcastic humor; one or the other) anyway -- he advised me that "it's called being on a press release." I guess I've just been "schooled" -- thanks for the information (you learn something new everyday and I'll be the first one to appreciate that fact)! However, I'm not apologizing for wanting to humor myself on my own blog - thank you VERY MUCH!! Although I will add that my "catch line" of the blog is "Where PASSIONATE Fans Come to Get Their DAILY DOSE!" So I really can't fault William for that and must give him credit - he's passionate (and I know EXACTLY where he's coming from because I am too)!!

    [UPDATE] The info has been confirmed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review!! Hmmm -- could TIOPS be getting information from Rossi OR TIOPS IS ROSSI (or another Trib-Review writer).

    Another player I overlooked is Bissonnette -- he also made it past the second cut (another enforcer - MORE good news)!!

    According to TIOPS (who also apparently gives away "free candy" since I didn't have to sign up for "Inside Access" to get this bit of information), Pittsburgh cut an additional 13 players from their roster today; however, I haven't been able to confirm this on any other legitimate site / new sources -- not the Penguins webpage, not PPG, or Trib-Review -- no word! So take it for what it is -- some possible information (perhaps they do have an inside source -- I guess we'll see when / if it's officially announced)!!

    The roster now stands at 29 players and those that have been assigned to the Penguins AHL affiliate Wilkes-Barre / Scranton are the following (according to TIOPS):


    • Kris Beech
    • Ryan Stone
    • Adam Henrich
    • Aaron Boogaard
    • Tim Wallace
    • Jonathan Filewich
    • David Gove
    • Christopher Minard


    • Deryk Engelland
    • T.J. Kemp
    • Ben Lovejoy (this sucks!!)
    • Joey Mormina


    • David Brown

    It looks like Pesonen made it past this cut too (it's keeps looking better for Pessi - AWESOME)!!

    "No Love" for Malone

    Back at the end of June-July 1st, around the time when the FA frenzy was set to begin, I remember being concerned about losing players especially BIG ones like Ryan Malone (and Ruutu, but that's a whole other topic I've already beaten to death!). When reports started coming out that led everyone to believe there was no chance of Malone staying, I honestly thought to myself, "how could he want to leave Pittsburgh?"

    Now that we're all a little more removed from the situation, things are becoming clearer (or more confusing depending on how you want to look at it). The start of the 2008-2009 NHL is just around the corner and pre-season games are in full swing. The Pittsburgh Penguins began their pre-season with 2 consecutive games against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Malone's new team, so it's only normal for questions to be raised again, but the difference now is that Malone is doing some talking!

    To begin by summing up Malone's thoughts on the whole deal - "No Love." That's the text message the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review received from him in late-June when talks were underway.

    "To me, that's what I think," Malone said yesterday. "Being from (Pittsburgh), you have a lot of pride pulling that jersey on. To not get a serious offer was kind of weird. I just figured they had other plans. It was easier to move on then than if something was closer ... to happening."
    This is more of what I was expecting from Ryan, but I suppose everyone close to the situation would know it's best not to discuss anything with the media. I guess they feel it's safe to talk now that cooler heads prevail.

    Malone told Rob Rossi yesterday prior to TB's 2nd pre-season game against the Penguins (Malone's 1st to play in) that he never wanted to leave Pittsburgh.

    "I don't think Ray knows how much (playing for the Penguins) meant to (me) and the other guys there I have a good relationship with," Malone said. "I think they didn't want to go to a certain (salary) range, but they never really gave me a serious offer to consider. If they had me slotted in for whatever and I exceeded that, I guess that's my fault."

    "But it was a lot easier to leave because it wasn't a close negotiation."
    Malone ended up getting a 7-year deal at $31.5 million signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning, so who knows what was offered by Pittsburgh or what Malone would have gladly accepted from them; however, the difference between the two was apparently great enough for Malone to leave as so suggested by his comment above.

    And according to Barry Melrose, the Bolts new head coach, Malone was their #1 guy during free agency which is why they pushed so hard to sign him. I suppose he's getting the love from them that he was seeking (and maybe still is) from the Penguins and, perhaps, things may have turned out the best for all parties involved.

    So I suppose, just as Rossi does, Malone may be surprised to know that Shero was and remains a big fan of his.

    "I've got nothing but good things to say about Ryan Malone. He was a huge part of our team, helped us get to the Stanley Cup final. He left it out on the ice for us." - Ray Shero, Penguins GM

    Whatever the case, it's time to move on and focus on the bright future ahead for both teams. And, yes, it was hard to picture a Penguins team without Ryan Malone at the time he signed with another team, but no one ever likes change and now that the season has started, I think we've made a step toward accepting it; at least I know I have.

    CRASH THE NET - Ask Lange and Bourque!

    Submit your questions to Mike Lange and Phil Bourque and they just may answer them on the air during the 2nd intermission (of each game)!

    Scuderi Returned to Practice

    Stan Savran reported on "Savran on Sportsbeat" yesterday that Rob Scuderi returned to practice.

    Scuderi has been out since last Wednesday with bruised ribs.

    During an interview highlight, Scuderi told FSN - Pittsburgh that it's hard to stay out during the start of the season, but that he would rather sit out and make certain everything is OK rather than get back too early and risk further injury.

    Injury update on Sergei Gonchar -- Stan reported on "Savran on Sportsbeat - LATE NIGHT" that Gonchar will get his MRI and Penguins are to release further information on his injury to the media sometime today. STAY TUNED!

    Pre-Season Game #2 Summaries (and My Thoughts)

    Another great game between the Penguins and Bolts last night! Penguins continue to look good (or sound like they look good as was the case last night). If this pre-season is any indication as to what the regular season holds, we're in pretty good shape and in for a treat! These 2 games have been very physical and fast-paced which is no surprise since alot of these players are competing for a roster spot -- it makes for very interesting games!!

    I LOVE the fights and the Penguins physical presence on the ice!! A lot of us fans were concerned about the loss of physicality on the team, but I really don't think we have to worry -- there's plenty of that to go around -- Godard, Bissonnette, Boogaard; the only thing may be the fact that some of these players will be sent down to the AHL - we'll have to wait and see, but as it stands now, we have plenty of physical presence to make up for what we lost AND THEN SOME!!

    Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary from last night pre-season game against Tampa Bay posted on the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage.

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Tune-In to LIVE Game Updates Tonight!!

    Announcers' 3 stars of the game: Thomas, Jokinen, and Curry; the one announcer remarked that the Thomas, Talbot and Fedotenko line was the best line on the ice
    • PENS WIN (3-2)!!
    • 31 seconds left in regulation
    • PITTSBURGH delayed penalty: hooking, Stone (Lightning PP) - penalty up with no change in score (Penguins STILL LEAD, 3-2)
    • Stamkos DENIED for the 100th time this evening!!
    • 4:12 left in the game
    • LIGHTNING penalty: (Penguins PP) -- I wasn't paying attention and missed the details of this one - SORRY!!
    • 9:07 left to go
    • 14:31 left in the game
    • GOAL - KENNEDY (assists: Letang, Goligoski)!!! Penguins take the lead back, 3-2
    • LIGHTNING penalty - instigating AND misconduct (Penguin PP)
    • ALL majors; no man-advantage (Henrich / Konopka - 5 minute fighting majors; Bissonnette / Koci - game misconducts) -- according to announcer, 3 fights in a game amounts to game misconduct -- which would evict Koci and Konopka from the game (both having 3 fights tonight)
    • 15:48 left in the 3rd - Koci and Bissonnette head to the locker rooms (game misconducts)
    • PENALTY; and 2 FIGHTS: Bissonnette vs. Koci AND Konopka vs. Henrich
    • "WHAT A SAVE" by Curry on Jokinen
    • Penguins KILL 5 minute major penalty to Fedotenko
    • "Talbot is one good hockey player."
    • START of 3rd (9:22 PM)
    • Period 2 SUMMARY: Game tied 2-2; LIGHTNING GOAL: Ouellet; Curry replaces Sabourin in the the middle of the 2nd and stops all shots on net
    • END of Period 2 (9:04 PM) -- game still tied at 2 (Ouellet scores the only goal in the 2nd); 1:50 left in TB powerplay
    • it's again mentioned what an amazing game Curry is having -- VERY impressive
    • 1:00 minute left in the 2nd
    • Lightning penalty up; 3:35 powerplay for the Bolts
    • PENGUINS penalty - boarding, Fedotenko - 5 minute major (4 on 4); Lightning will have little less than 3:30 minutes left in the powerplay after Penguins PP is up
    • LIGHTNING penalty @ 16:23 - interference, Malone (Penguins PP)
    • this commentator is against fighting -- how ANNOYING, the old geezer!! As you can guess, I believe fighting is a part of hockey and should not be eliminated from the game; if we do that, we might as well go as far as being polite too, "Would you like the puck?" "Why yes, that would be lovely, thank you!" "I'm sorry I just smashed you up against the boards earlier" "That's quite alright, it's just a game, pal!" PUKE!!
    • FIGHT RIGHT OFF OF THE FACE-OFF: Bissonnette vs. Koci
    • 5:35 left in the 2nd
    • Curry is having an impressive debut so far!! He's stopped everything TB has shot (I lost track but I think it's been 3 SOG so far)
    • 9:30 left in the 2nd
    • [GOALIE CHANGE-Pittsburgh] Curry in for Sabourin
    • Sabourin ROBBED STAMKOS with a nice save!!
    • Penguins penalty - hooking, Engelland (Lightning PP) - no goals scored
    • both commentators commenting how good the game is for the 2nd pre-season game; one mentions the first one was good as well (I have to agree -- the Pens are looking good from what I saw at last Saturday's game)
    • 17:04 left in 2nd - tied at 2; GOAL scored by Ouellet
    • START OF 2nd -- commentator still on the fact that he's disillusioned and believes Richmond should've received an instigating penalty
    • Period 1 SUMMARY: Penguins leading 2-1; LIGHTNING GOAL by Jokinen 46 seconds into the 1st, PENGUINS GOAL tipped in by Thomas @ 14:36 (assisted by Letang, Goligoski), 2nd PENGUINS GOAL by Talbot @ 18:19 (assisted by Letang, Fedotenko)
    • END of Period 1
    • FIGHT - Konopka vs. Richmond (Gill mouthing off to Konopka skating back to the bench; Richmond came off the bench and just started up with Konopka); fighting major penalties to both; TB commentator feels Richmond should get an instigating penalty - NO DICE!!
    • 1:41 - GOAL - TALBOT!! (Penguins lead 2-1)
    • 3:58 left in the 1st
    • 4:51 left in the 1st: Lightning penalty - high stick, Malone (another Penguins PP); penalty up; no goals
    • GOAL was credited to Thomas (puck hit off his stick before making it into the net)
    • Lightning penalty - tripping (3rd Penguins PP) -- GOAL-LETANG THOMAS; WE'RE TIED AT 1!!
    • 6:51 left in the 1st
    • Pittsburgh delayed penalty - charging (Lightning PP) - no goal scored
    • 9:36 left in the 1st (score remains 1-0, Lightning)
    • [NOTE] Sabourin is in net; Kolzig goaltending for the Bolts
    • 12:51 left in the 1st: Lightning penalty on Artykhin (Penguins powerplay; get another chance to score in a one-man advantage); Penguins remain scoreless at the end of this powerplay
    • Lightning penalty - interference (Penguins powerplay); Penguins do not cash in and
    • Fight breaks out between Boogaard and Konopka shortly after TB goal scored (announcers report it's a good one; pretty long as far as I can tell)
    • Lightning up 1-0 within the first few seconds of the game.

      SORRY - I don't have any way to check / post the official game time!!

      Check in with me throughout the night for LIVE game updates of the Penguins 2nd pre-season game (I'm going to try it and see how it goes); I'll probably cover the basic highlights because I can see myself not keeping up!