Friday, July 29, 2011

Talbot's Most Recent Blog Post - Leaving Pittsburgh to Join Philadelphia

A new reader pointed out that Talbot has a new blog post and I was interested to see what he had to say (post-Philly signing).

It's pretty interesting and he actually thinks that (I'm interpreting the rough interpretation of Google Translate from french) he believes Pens fans are more upset with the Jaromir Jagr signing than his.  That's actually pretty close to the point I was trying to make: the news was announced on the same day almost around the same time, so fans didn't have a chance to process the news of Jagr's signing with Philly and so the anger carried over into Talbot signing with the Flyers (even thought I'm CERTAIN we all still would be upset, but just not as upset!).
But in all honesty, I think it's Jaromir Jagr has been the most criticized in the newspapers in Pittsburgh because he did not join the Penguins.
He also gives good insight into his own feelings the day he signed with Philadelphia (somewhat similar to what alot of fans felt as well, I'm guessing).  And he makes a great point by saying that nothing will change the fact that he gave his all for Pittsburgh.  I think it actually brings a little closure to hear his side.
I remember going to bed at night by imagining the other wearing a uniform. Given all the wonderful moments that I experienced in the uniform of the Penguins, I found it difficult.  I spent six seasons with the Penguins, I gave my heart to this team and it is with her that I won the Stanley Cup. When I look back on my six years in Pittsburgh, I see only positives.
Let's see what the reaction of the supporters of the Penguins during the first visiting Flyers in Pittsburgh on Dec. 29.  I do not know how I will be welcomed, but no one who can remove all the energy I gave everything and we have achieved as a team.  Find me on the side opposite to Pittsburgh, it will be strange.  And playing against my former teammates as well, but it will happen what happens.  I'm not going to do with this issue in July.
One other thing I thought was interesting was the fact that, after all the talk about how he would be interested in going to Montreal (since its closest to where he lives), that they never contacted his agent with interest.

And just as Talbot says, we'll definitely see on December 29th when Philly comes to town!!  It's definitely worth a read.  It might even make some of you feel better - LOL!


My only hope is that he doesn't do something like this to Pittsburgh while wearing orange and black!!

A PHILTHY Welcome!!

Is it just me or does this picture make you ill too?!
(particularly the back row!)

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced that they sold out all 66 suites AND 32 Loge boxes (a new premium product being introduced at the new arena) for the inaugural season of the Consol Energy Center (2010-11)

Pittsburgh hires Marc Boileau as the Penguins head coach

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malkin Can Lift Some Serious Weight!

He's strong, like bull!  The Penguins webpage just posted thier 5th installment of the Malkin videos.

This time he's using weights.  And here's a little something I quickly researched after taking notice of a few things:

If you notice (see pic below), the orange weight is 25 kg (USA) and 25 kilograms = 55.1155655 pounds.  I cannot make out what the black weight is, but I think I can make out a "0" ("zero") and I do think I see "USA" and since it appears smaller than the orange one let's just say for argument's sake it's 10 kg.  And 10 kilograms = 22.0462262 pounds.

So that would mean that Malkin is working with A WHOPPING TOTAL OF ABOUT 154.34 POUNDS OF WEIGHT!!!!

But wait ... I think I may have forgot to include the weight of the bar (I do know a little something about lifting weights from my husband, but don't let that fool you - neither one of us are dedicated to working out!)!  I checked on this before adding it to the post and it said that you DO include the weight of the bar and that the weight of the average bar is 45 pounds, so ...

THAT WOULD BE NEARLY 200 POUNDS RIGHT THERE!!! So now I'm even more impressed!!!

I guess I could, in fact, be displaying my ignorance right now, but to me, that's alot of weight!!!  And here's another thing to think about, right now he's listed as 195 pounds on the Penguins webpage so that would mean he's working with almost 80% nearly100% of his body weight ... still sounds like a lot to me, but then again walking is the only form of exercise / activity this lady does right here!!!  PLUS, he is an athlete so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised (or impressed?), but I AM!!!!

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

former Pittsburgh Penguins Tom Barrasso and John LeClair were named to the 2009 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crosby Looking Good on the Ice (VIDEO)

I think alot of us have been anxious to hear that Sid's back on the ice once again.  That news was reported a little over a week ago.

But how about some video?  Would you like to SEE Sid in action (as recent as LAST WEEK!)?  Well, THANKS TO CullensVids1, we can!!  Below is video of Sid at what appears to be (one of four NHL-size rinks at) the BMO Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I tried contacting the individual who posted the video on YouTube (CullensVids1) to get a little more information, but he hadn't responded to me by the time I uploaded this (let's hope I can post an update!).

From what I gather from comments posted and his answers on the YouTube channel, this video was taken last week and, no, the goalie is not Sid's sister, Taylor.

Isn't it great to see this??  And it's Sid ... I mean, look at him go!!  I'm hoping this is a good sign for his return come season's open - it looks like the rust has already wore off if there ever was any.

Is it October yet (I'm certain no one is asking that more than Sid!)?!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sad Development / Arrest in Derek Boogaard's Death

Most of you probably recall the untimely death of NHL enforcer and NY Rangers winger, Derek Boogaard back in May.

Yesterday, his younger brother Aaron (a former WB / S Baby Pens player) was charged in his death which comes as just as big of a surprise as Derek's death to most everyone especially those closest to the brothers.

The Younger Boogaard was charged specifically with a felony for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance (which also applies to narcotics that are given away for free) as well as interfering with the scene of a death.  Reports are that Aaron told police that he gave Derek "a single oxycodone the night before he found Derek Boogaard dead in their Minneapolis apartment"  then "allegedly flushing the rest of his brother's drug stash - a mix of oxycodone and related drugs - down the toilet before police arrived," which are details that have just come to light and ultimately led to the charges.

To read more, CLICK HERE to go to the article at The News Tribune.

I really sympathize with the Boogaard family with the already difficult situation of Derek's death being made even more unbearable by Aaron being charged.  I pray for their peace and comfort at this time ... may God bless them and time heal their pain and struggles.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Mark Madden is interviewing Arron Asham NOW on the X


On the BRIGHT SIDE Pens Re-Sign Kennedy

This isn't probably the most opportune time for the news to come out for Kennedy since it will likely be overshadowed by the Pens announcement that they withdrew their offer to Jagr moments before, but it's still GOOD NEWS all the same!

The Penguins announced that they re-signed firecracker forward Tyler Kennedy for two more years. 

This signing solidifies a team that can definitely make a good run for the Stanley Cup next season and I'm really glad to see him back!


No Answer, but It's Over and It's as Official as It Can Get ...

It's actually not the worst ending I had imagined, but it's still not one I would've picked either.

The Penguins recently announced that they withdrew their offer to Jagr.  I suppose that's better than his rejecting "us," but it still feels like shit.

YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, JAROMIR JAGR, and you blew it while leaving any chance for such a prime moment to occur again virtually impossible.  And I really can't blame the Penguins organization as I find the way you and your agent, Svoboda, handled this entire situation to be totally irrational especially with everything the Penguins have already done for you up to this point.

But this was it, that one perfect opportunity to rid yourself of all the negative stigma (deserving or not) that was over-shadowing your reputation and career with Pittsburgh and it's fans.  That is all gone now along with all the hopes and possibilities that we all held with it.  I have no doubt this will be YOUR asterick in the Penguins record books.

I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your career and will forever watch your highlights in awe and amazement, but to continue calling myself your fan will only open me up to more of your foolishness and make me look like a fool too.  At this very moment, after close to 20 years of being your fan and sticking by you through it all, that's devastating to me.  I hope that whatever decision you make that it is well worth the costly price of the Penguins organization (your relationship with Lemieux especially), Pittsburgh fans, and your legacy.

I do have one question for you though ... what jersey will you be wearing when you're inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

As a side note to those of you who were against this signing from the beginning , PLEASE BE KIND and try to refrain from gloating or saying "I told you so,"  (this could have easily gone the other way).  Thank you ; )

A PREVIEW of the Pens Webpage Welcoming Jagr Home?

Could this be a look at what's to come at 12 noon today (even though Rob Rossi can / has logically explained what this is with a single sentence tucked deep in one of his articles last night)?

In anticipation of a Jagr signing, the Penguins have constructed web pages with tributes to his career, complete with video montages and Jagr-related items.

YOU CAN NO LONGER VIEW THIS FOR YOURSELF AT THE OFFICIAL PENS WEBPAGE AS IT'S BEEN UPDATED (to omit "signs with the Penguins"). But I promise the above screen-cap is legit because I did it myself late last night when I posted my last entry).  Again, I must stress that this still does not confirm anything as it can be explained with the information reported by Rob Rossi (above the graphic).

We can only be so lucky that the above graphic becomes reality so the Pens webpage can again grant us access to what they designed for Jagr's return, perhaps at 12 noon today, and to celebrate one of greatest returns in Penguins history since "La Magnifique"  along with possibility of what great things can come from it this coming season.  I hope we're not disappointed ...


BUT ... Just A Few More "Jagr Watch" Developments

I am seriously going to bed the second I post this (because this is just one roller coaster ride that I no longer want to be on at the moment; I'm getting sick)!

I forgot to mention one more important Rossi tidbit in his article from last night.  Rossi reports that Jagr has received offers for one-year deals from both Montreal and Detroit AND, despite everyone assuming that the sticking point is that all the other teams are offering Jagr significantly more and Pens offer was final, Rossi says all offers are for about $2 million which is around what the Penguins are rumored to have offered (and Shero has said was a "competitive offer").  Well, yes, it's competitive ... they seem to be [THE SAME] quite close, so what's the problem?  I'm SO confused ... I'm even more confused than I was before I said I was going to bed the last time!  I'll just hurry up and get to the next "development."


According to TIOPS's DePaoli, sources are saying that Jagr is having "minor concerns about connecting with Pens young core" (the actual title of his post); DePaoli apparently spoke to Svoboda over the phone at 9:00 PM last evening and said, "we {may} need a few days to sort things out."

Another thing that popped out at me while visiting TIOPS was a comment (from "Balthazaar") on the article I was reading (mentioned above):... which listed and led to the following link ... CLICK HERE (and notice what the pictures are named; just in case, I took a screen cap - SEE BELOW!)
"Pfft why would the Pens put this up already?"

It is quite surprising to see it on the page, but it can easily be explained by Rossi's most recent article which I discussed in my last post (unless the Penguins were aware that there had been a leak, so they released information [to Rossi] in order to cover their tracks).


GOOD NIGHT, PENS NATION ... I mean it this time!!