Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pens Injury Update - Malkin, Letang, Goligoski, and Michalek Likely to Return for Dallas

According to the Penguins webpage,

HC Bylsma says he's "optimistic" that Malkin, Letang, and Goligoski will all return to the lineup for the game against Dallas tomorrow night, but there's a chance that they'll call up a player from WBS just in case.
"(Goligoski) feels like he's better (Tuesday) and will be able to go tomorrow," Bylsma said. "Same thing with Kris and Geno. They finished the skate and did the whole practice. We'll wait to see in the morning."
Malkin told reporters,
"I skated before practice to see how my knee feels," Malkin said. "It's not sore. It feels pretty strong. It's alright.

"I'm ready now for the next game."
Letang said the following about his injury:
"It's progress, I feel better," Letang said. "We didn't make a decision yet. We'll see tomorrow morning."

"It's not that I can't hold my stick or anything like that," Letang said. "I can shoot. It's not the hardest shot I can take. ... It needs to heal. There is a pain when I get a pass, it vibrates in my fingers and my hands.

"It won't get worse. It's just a question of time to feel comfortable."
The site is also reporting that Zbynek Michalek will also return against the Dallas Stars in tomorrow night's game.
"I feel good and I’m ready to go. My skating has been good. I’m really excited for tomorrow. I still feel it a little bit, and I’m going to feel it for a few weeks here, but I feel confident. It’s strong enough now and I’ve been practicing for a week and I didn’t have any problems. So I’m really confident."

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