Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Finally HERE!!!


Today is like a Friday, Christmas, my birthday, and every other exciting day in my life all rolled into one ... not just because the Penguins post-season begins but also because I GET TO BE THERE!!!

The VERY FIRST, playoff home game played at the CONSOL Energy Center ... I can't wait to feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck and the goose bumps form on my arms as I hear the deafening cheers made by the crowd (and I can't wait to hear Mike Lange's pre-game summary before they play the [NEW, most probably] pre-game "PUMP-ME-UP" video!)!!

I am pretty much useless sitting in my cubicle at work as I cannot concentrate on anything else but tonight's game ... I've been listening to Penguins Radio since I got here early this morning.  The ride to Pittsburgh will probably be a blur, but being at the game will be amazing and I get to share it will a very good friend and fellow die-hard Pens fan (my poor hubby has been putting tons of overtime in so it wasn't ideal for him to make the trip with me tonight unfortunately, but I foresee lots more playoff games for him to go to with me!)!!

The Penguins playoffs began early this morning for me when I woke up ... it's DEFINITELY "a great day for hockey" and "a hockey night in Pittsburgh," so ...


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